Exercise is Great for Cancer Patients - Guest Post - Melanie Bowen

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Exercise is Great for Cancer Patients

Cancer can be a very frightening disease, but luckily, there are steps people can take to allow them to better deal with this disease. One of the best ways to deal with this disease is by keeping yourself physically fit. In order to be physically fit, there are a number of methods that can be useful to people. Many people only think of exercise when the subject of fitness arises, but for cancer patients, fitness can range from breathing exercises and weightlifting to yoga and walking. Regardless of the method that the cancer patient uses to become physically fit, it is important for him or her to take the necessary steps to help give him or her a better quality of life.

Light Stretching

One of the simplest types of light exercises is light stretching. For cancer patients, they will find this exercise to have many benefits. For those undergoing treatment for mesothelioma or other lung-related cancers may benefit from this activity, whereas other activities may be too taxing on the body. Light stretching is simply a way to stretch the muscles and the joints to give the body more flexibility. These exercises can be done while standing, sitting, or laying down. In addition to aiding in the ability to be more flexible, it also helps to reduce depression symptoms that many cancer patients experience.  Furthermore, with many cancer patients, their arms, legs, and other joints may swell. By participating in light stretching exercises, the swelling will probably be reduced. 

For other cancer patients, they may benefit more from moderate exercises. Biking has become one of the most popular types of moderate exercises for many cancer patients. As compared to other types of exercises, biking does not require any additional equipment besides the bike. There are several benefits to biking. First, it allows the person to have an opportunity to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Studies have shown that exercising outside is actually more beneficial than exercising inside. In addition to this benefit, biking also helps to strengthen the immune system. Since the immune system is often weakened during cancer treatments, it is important that patients participate in these types of exercise to give the immune system the ability to fight off other diseases.


Finally, for cancer patients who have the strength and doctor’s approval, they can participate in advanced exercises. Although there are several advanced exercises, one of the easiest and popular is running. This exercise can be done indoors or outdoors, but if it is done outdoors, the person has the opportunity to gain extra benefits from breathing in fresh air. One of the best benefits of running is its ability to restore a patient’s energy level. If there is one major effect of cancer treatment, it is fatigue. Many cancer patients find themselves without the energy to do any type of activities, but sadly, they do not realize that if they decide to run, they will possibly gain the energy needed to perform their daily activities.
Being physically fit has many benefits. However, when it comes to cancer patients, the benefits are even greater. When going through cancer treatment, it is important to remember that exercises and other activities will allow a person to gain energy and have a high quality of life.

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