Beach Decor - Part 1 - The beginnings

Beach studio Décor - Part 1 - The Beginnings
Happy Friday guys!! There weekend is here!! But to help your day go a little bit faster I thought I would dabble in a new type of post for me... décor. As you may or read in a past post here, I have just moved to Australia and I'm now living on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. Me and the boy have got ourselves a cute little studio flat until we can save some dollar and get an apparment. But just because its temporary doesn't mean that I can't have fun decorating it!

Here is a little snip-it of a shelving unit, just inside our front doors. Which are actually glass patio doors leading out to a beautiful paved courtyard. I plan to make this a bit of a series as I improve and complete sections of the Studio and eventually our new apartment.
I created this little display simply because the place needed a bit of cheering up. You know when you move in to somewhere new and it all empty and bare, makes me a little sad. So my first mission was to brighten up the entrance.
The White wooden letters were my first purchase, I spotted them at Typo in the mall and couldn't resist. They were about $4.95 each, or buy 2 for $10 so I picked up the three. I plan to paint them eventually, maybe antique them a bit. Ive been watching some videos and reading some décor tutorials on how to antique things DIY style, so when I get round to doing it, I'll post a tutorial and show you how I got on!
The blue glass tea light holders were actually left by the previous tenant, so I cleaned them up a bit and loved how they looked. The mugs are actually from Coles, a simple neutral stripe as we hadn't chosen a colour palette for the Studio yet, and were about $3 each I think, finished off with just a couple of simple tea spoons, don't ask me why.
The flowers were from dollar king, but you can find them most places, like target or BigW as well as craft and home ware stores. I love how they add a pop of colour to the place. Ideally I'd love to keep fresh flowers all the time, but at the moment, we're making do with plastic ones!
Candles for me are a big necessity, they create warmth and cosiness to a room, as well as filling it with gorgeous fragrance. I'm loving these SeaLight Soy candles, made here in Manly, I plan to do a whole post dedicated to these, as I did buy a few! Shhhh!

I've reviewed the SeaLight candles here - And I tell you where you can get your hands on them! 
So as I improve and decorate my place, I'll keep you all updated, as we create a little home here on the other side of the world!
Have a good weekend everybody!!

White Glo - Extra Strength Whitening Toothpaste - 2 in 1 Mouthwash

White Glo - Extra Strength Whitening Toothpaste - 2 in 1 Mouthwash
I don't know anyone who doesn't want that Hollywood smile. Nothing completes your look like a pearly white smile. If you're like me and drink far too much coffee and tea, would will know that pearly whites aren't always achievable. Not long ago I trialled a teeth whitening system, which worked wonders, read review here, but sadly, with traveling , eating lots of rich food and tremendous amounts of coffee my teeth were looking a bit of a sad state. I always use a whitening toothpaste but it just wasn't cutting it, so I decided to take action!
White Glo - extra strength whitening toothpaste is an everyday toothpaste, advertised as 'what the stars use'. And claims to protect teeth against cavities, plaque, tartar, as well as packing a serious punch when it comes to the whitening agent! And they're not lying!
After the first use, yes the first use!! My teeth were instantly improved, the colour was brightened and whitened instantly, as well as feeling amazingly clean and fresh. The White Glo toothpaste comes in a variety of formulas, including Hollywood smile, and for smokers, coffee and tea drinkers, , I picked up the 2 in 1 mouthwash formula, which keeps my breath fresh and cool for a good portion of the day!
White Glo toothpaste has a low abrasion formula, making it safe to use everyday, twice a day, unlike many whitening toothpastes on the market which actually can damage your teeth with frequent use!
I've now been using White Glo - extra strength whitening toothpaste - 2 in 1 mouthwash for about a week and I'm blown away, my teeth look dentist clean and whiter than they've been in a long time! So if you're searching for that one toothpaste which does it all, without the fuss of whitening strips and traps, and no damaging chemicals, look no further than White Glo!
And it gets better, the pack comes with a toothbrush, with 38% more bristles of medium strength bristles which is what I prefer, and works great in combination with the toothpaste. And it also comes with White Glo dental flosser toothpicks in a handy travel pack, perfect to pop in your bag for on the go care!
I picked up my White Glo - extra strength whitening tooth paste from the discount cosmetics store for $3.99, but I know it's also available in Boots in the UK for under 5 pounds! Which is such a bargain!
Check out the White Glo range here;

Cheeky Lunchtime purchases!

So on my lunch break today I wondered into the discount cosmetics store, of course I did. And I picked up a two things that I've been needing for a while, so I thought I would share them with you!

Maybelline - Superstay 24h waterproof powder - 10 Ivory
Revlon - Photo ready - Bronzed Chic Bronzer - 100
Let me know which one you'd like to see reviewed first!
Happy Tuesday!

Exercise is Great for Cancer Patients - Guest Post - Melanie Bowen

Hey Guys - Today I have a great guest posts from Melanie, its a very interesting article. Health is so important so I hope this helps a few of you or just gives you some good information to pass on!
I'm always looking for people for guest posts, so if you're interested send me a message

Exercise is Great for Cancer Patients

Cancer can be a very frightening disease, but luckily, there are steps people can take to allow them to better deal with this disease. One of the best ways to deal with this disease is by keeping yourself physically fit. In order to be physically fit, there are a number of methods that can be useful to people. Many people only think of exercise when the subject of fitness arises, but for cancer patients, fitness can range from breathing exercises and weightlifting to yoga and walking. Regardless of the method that the cancer patient uses to become physically fit, it is important for him or her to take the necessary steps to help give him or her a better quality of life.

Light Stretching

One of the simplest types of light exercises is light stretching. For cancer patients, they will find this exercise to have many benefits. For those undergoing treatment for mesothelioma or other lung-related cancers may benefit from this activity, whereas other activities may be too taxing on the body. Light stretching is simply a way to stretch the muscles and the joints to give the body more flexibility. These exercises can be done while standing, sitting, or laying down. In addition to aiding in the ability to be more flexible, it also helps to reduce depression symptoms that many cancer patients experience.  Furthermore, with many cancer patients, their arms, legs, and other joints may swell. By participating in light stretching exercises, the swelling will probably be reduced. 

For other cancer patients, they may benefit more from moderate exercises. Biking has become one of the most popular types of moderate exercises for many cancer patients. As compared to other types of exercises, biking does not require any additional equipment besides the bike. There are several benefits to biking. First, it allows the person to have an opportunity to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Studies have shown that exercising outside is actually more beneficial than exercising inside. In addition to this benefit, biking also helps to strengthen the immune system. Since the immune system is often weakened during cancer treatments, it is important that patients participate in these types of exercise to give the immune system the ability to fight off other diseases.


Finally, for cancer patients who have the strength and doctor’s approval, they can participate in advanced exercises. Although there are several advanced exercises, one of the easiest and popular is running. This exercise can be done indoors or outdoors, but if it is done outdoors, the person has the opportunity to gain extra benefits from breathing in fresh air. One of the best benefits of running is its ability to restore a patient’s energy level. If there is one major effect of cancer treatment, it is fatigue. Many cancer patients find themselves without the energy to do any type of activities, but sadly, they do not realize that if they decide to run, they will possibly gain the energy needed to perform their daily activities.
Being physically fit has many benefits. However, when it comes to cancer patients, the benefits are even greater. When going through cancer treatment, it is important to remember that exercises and other activities will allow a person to gain energy and have a high quality of life.

Disclaimer: All following content is submitted by guest bloggers, all opinions and information supplied by the author, not GlitterView  

Life update!

Hello my lovely people, now before you say it, yes, I know - I've seriously been neglecting my blog! But not without good reason! so much has happened in the last few months, and I'm finally in a possition to start blogging again! YEAH!

So before I do, I thought I would give you a little fill in on my life - so here goes;
July 4th 2013 I boarded a flight to Bangkok! I've always wanted to travel, but never had the time or the money honestly, but I graduated in June, so what better time to spread my wings and go exploring. My plan was to fly to Bangkok, before moving to some on the islands to explore, I decided to travel on my own, perhaps a little bit of self understanding was needed, but little old me went off to Thailand. My plan was to stay in Thailand for 3 weeks, and then fly to Sydney Australia for another 3 weeks before flying home.
I spent 2 crazy days in Bangkok before traveling to Koh Tao, a tiny island to the east of the country where I attended a Dive school. The island was pure paradise and I can honestly say that learning to scuba dive is one of the most exciting things I've ever done! I highly recommend learning if you get a change, and my advice would be to hop on a plane to Thailand and attend Davy Jones Locker Dive School on Koh Tao. I loved it so much there that I did my advanced PADI too. I also explores some more of the islands whilst I was there, and my planned 3 weeks turned into 5!!
I then flew to Sydney Australia, and my boyfriend flew out to meet me. We fell in love with the northern beaches, and decided to stay. So my trip has now extended dramatically, as I have no plans to go home anytime soon!
There is good news, my blog is back and better than ever, bringing you some amazing reviews on some products that I've picked up on my travels and some Australian brands that I've been exploring. Also watch out for some beach fashion and hair posts coming up very soon!
All my love from Manly Australia!