The Body Shop: Beautifying Oil : Mango

The Body Shop: Beautifying Oil : Mango

I received The Body Shops beautifying oil many months ago at Christmas time. I've been using it on and off through that time till now not quite being able to decide if I liked it or not. The Body Shops Beautifying Oli is a light dry oil for use on your body face and hair. There are a few of these oil products around these days and they're quickly growing in popularity, however I don't think any come close to being as highly scented as The Body Shop Beautifying Oil!

After much trialling, I found that using this beautifying oil on my skin after a shower is a great way to lock in moisture and keep the skin supple. Being a dry oil it makes application easy with no greasy mess to clear up afterwards. The scent also lasts all day so it's a lovely skin perfume - fresh and fruity. I particularly like to use the body shop beautifying oil on my legs just after shaving to rehydrate and soothe.

Now here is where the debate for me has really gone on. The body shop beautifying oil is marketed at a face oil, however this really was a no go. Despite being a dry oil I still found that the product clogged my pores and left my face feeling dry and irritated. I'm also really not a fan of putting anything that highly scented on my face.

This is where to product really wins its gold stars for me. As most of you know I struggle with dry ends due to bleaching my hair so I'm always looking for a way to rehydrate and tame them. The body shop beautifying Oli works wonders for me. I simply apply a tiny amount of the oil to my hands and then work into the end of wet hair. I stress only to use a little, and focus just on the ends to avoid a big greasy bad hair day. Yes this has happened. Then I go on an simply style as normal. My ends are left feeling silky smooth and appear much less matted and gross. The smell is a great touch too as it lasts all day and smells so sweet and fruity.

I would really recommend this product to anyone really. Especially those dry skinned and dry haired ladies out there. The body shop currently have about 10 different scents to choose from. I currently trying out a sample of the coco butter ? Beautifying oil which smells Devine as well! You can get the beautifying oil online or in stores for £9 for 100ml and it will last you ages!

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