Sanctuary : Smoothing Hair treatment oil.

Sanctuary : Smoothing Hair treatment oil.
Recently the ends of my hair have been looking a little tired and brittle. This comes to no surprise as I bleach my hair on a regular basis and use heat pretty much every day! So my hair needs a little TLC every once and a while. So I've been trying a few products out recently, some have worked wonders and others....well not so much. I don't believe in only writing good reviews, as I think it's important that people researching a product get a good overall opinion before making a purchase. So unfortunately today I'm sharing with you a product which was a bit of a disappointment. I was surprised quite honestly at the performance of the Sanctuary : Smoothing Hair treatment oil.

Sanctuary is a brand, despite not trying a large range of their products, I have had a high regard for. Coming straight from their renowned salons, you would expect their products to be tried tested and to actually work. I purchased a single sache of the Smoothing hair treatment oil which promises to tame and smooth frizzy and dry hair with avocado and apricot oils for an intensive treatment. 

Firstly application is horrendous! Being an oil the product just poured right out into my skin before I had a chance to realise. The oli is applied to wet hair using the hands, which was really difficult as I couldn't actually work out how much product actually made it into my hair and how much just slipped through my fingers into the sink. Nightmare! 

I worked what product I could into the ends of my hair and fastened my hair into a top knot and allowed to work for 5-10 mins as instructed. The I washed it out throughly in the shower, followed by shampoo and conditioner, and styled as usual. 

The results - I noticed no benefits what so ever, if anything my hair was just greasy flat and just as dry as before. Which is such a shame as I had expected great things from Sanctuary : Smoothing Hair treatment oil. I've tired other products but Sanctuary, including a face mask that I'll review soon, and I was really impressed, but I can't say I'll be rushing back for any hair products in the near future! 

Have you tired any Sanctuary products?
What are you thoughts?