Pre-Travelling haul

Pre-Travelling Haul

You may not know that I'm going travelling over the couple of months. A week today I leave for Thailand and then on to Australia. Over the last couple of weeks I've been picking up some travel essentials and figured I would share them all with you. 

Manicare - Trendy Tweezers
Somewhere in my move from Oxford to London I misplaced my tweezers so I figured I would pick up a new pair rather than hunt through vast amounts of boxes to find them. A girl needs to tweeze! I picked up this cute pair of zebra print tweezers from a independent drug store. They're so cute and girly and they work amazingly well. My old ones were blunt and battered boots own, probably pinched from my mother in my teen years! So I was well worth the investment in a new pair! 

Sure - Bright miniature deodorant
Being on the go all the time, I've come to really value having a travel sized deodorant in my handbag. Perfect for a freshen up on the go and the tiny bottle makes it so easy! 

Batiste - Dry Shampoo - XXL Volume
This is a staple for me, I used it everyday, even when I wash my hair. My hair is so fine and soft that natural volume is a myth to my locks. Therefore I have to improvise! Batiste dry shampoo is the best ting for it! A few blasts of this stuff in my roots gives me gorgeous volume and keeps my hair fresh and smelling great all day long! 

Piz Buin - In sun radiant face cream
Its not a secret that facial SPF is an everyday must. The damage the sun can do to the delicate skin on your face everyday is not worth thinking about! So as I'm going to be spending the best part of 2months permanently in the sun I thought I needed to bulk up my protection! I recently purchased Garnier BB cream (review soon) which has SPF 25 in it already and my usual everyday MAC foundation is SPF 15 so I'm already doing good. But for those non-make up beach days it's good to be prepared with a SPF designed for your face. Piz Buin in sun radiant face cream has SPF 15 along with UVA and UVA filters - And smells amazing! Perfect for all those Thai beach days. 

Malibu - Clear hair and scalp protector
In keeping with the SPF theme, I picked up a hair and scalp protector too. In the form of a dry oil, Malibu clear hair and scalp protector gives SPF 15 to protect my locks from frying in the heat! And everyone hates a parting burn on holiday - not a pretty sight! 

MUA - Pistachio cream nail polish
Everyone seems to be a fan of the new MUA £1 nail polishes, myself included. I've already tried out a few shades (review here) but I could never get my hands on Pistachio Ice cream - my local superdrug in Oxford was always sold out! So when I saw this I had to get it, the perfect mint apple green which will look simply amazing with a tan on finger and toes!

Victoria's Secret - Vanilla Lace Fragrance mist
If you've ever been into a Victoria's secret, you know what I mean when I say - I couldn't resist! I literally want my wardrobe to be a Victoria's secret store! Not only the underwear but the cosmetics too! I know vanilla is a bit of a winter scent, but I adore it. It's such a warm and creamy scent, makes me feel very homely and happy. This mist last throughout the day as well, its amazing! 

H&M - Gold Mix chain trio necklace
This is a very simple piece, which is perfect to throw on with any outfit for any occasion. Made up of 3 differently linked chains which cascade down the neck. It's so simple and elegant! 

H&M - Gold/peach bib necklace
I'm a sucker for statement jewellery  something that can jazz up any outfit effortlessly. This is a gorgeous piece, very girly and pretty and will go amazingly with a sun kissed tan! 

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Are you going away this summer?