Mellor & Russell - Miracle moisture repair mask

Mellor & Russell - Miracle moisture repair mask

I mentioned in my last post that my hair was in desperate need of a little TLC however after the disappointment of the Sanctuary spa smoothing treatment oil I set off in search of something else.
Strangely enough I stumbled upon Mellor & Russell - Miracle moisture repair mask - for all hair types. In poundland of all places! After I locked that the product contained Aragon oil I figure for £1 what did I have to loose?!

And what a pleasent surprise! Miracle moisture is a thick intensive deep conditioner which is best used focused on the ends and midlengths of half for soft and shiny hair. Simply apply to wet hair in the shower and leave for 5 mins while you get on with all those other shower activities. Wink. And the. Rinse following up with shampoo and conditioner. Style as normal.

The results were fantastic,my hair felt so rich and soft without any sign of nasty product build up. The only down side is the scent which is pretty much non existent so it's not really a bother.
Does make make reconsider all those higher end products I buy now I've found this gem for only £1!

What other gems have you found in Poundland?

Lots of love