Sinful Colors Nail polish

Sinful Colors Nail polish 

A few weeks ago I was wondering around Westfield Shopping mall and I found these beauties on sale in boots for a mere £1.99 each! I've seen Sinful colours reviewed before but never actually seen them in  stores. Never the less I picked up two colours; Cinderella & Forget now. 

Cinderella is unlike any polish currently in my collection, edging on the baby blue side of pastille rather than the other mint greens I have. The base of Cinderella is the gorgeous sky blue but this polish really shines due to the beautiful array of golden shimmers that are dispersed within the polish. Forget Now is a beautiful Barbie hot pink, crammed full to tiny pink and gold shimmers which catch the light so gorgeously. 

 The Sinful colours polishes have a rather thick consistency so you can get away with only one coat at a push, however I usually opt for two coats. The dry time is a little bother, they're not the quickest drying polished ever. I think it's due to their thickness. Once dry the sinful colors polishes dry to a mid shine, not quite shiny enough for my liking, but I normally put a top coat on my nails anyway. I found that the fine shimmer refelcted the light so beautiful, I found myself staring at them at work. Ha! Also due to the fine-ness of the shimmers they aren't a bugger to remove like glitter polishes - so you can get the same effect with much less hassel. Perfect! 

The picture below is not the best display of the shimmers of the polishes, however this was taken before a top coat was applied - so show you how the polished look themselves. I would advise a top coat to protect the polish and give some shine. 

Overall I really liked Sinful Colors nail polishes, however if it weren't for the shimmers I dont think these polishes rate any better than other brands drug store like Models Own , Barry M or Rimmel. 

Have you tried any Sinful Colors Nail polishes?
What did you think? 

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