Model's own mini make over experience

I was in London yesterday for a job interview so obviosuly I had to stop off at Westfeild shopping centre on the way home! Now I normally hate those vender sales people who come up to you asking you 'would like to try this amazing product...'. Simply NO! If I wanted to try your product, I would try it. STOP BUGGING ME! But when a rep from Models Own approached me offering me a 'mini make over' I couldn't resist. I was taken into their very odd life size nail polish bottle shop and seated in front of a mirror. 

The sales lady used a variety of products on me, firstly she did my nails using a clear polish which i cannot seem to locate on their website (but you can buy it here). The lady described it as a nail strengthener combined with a base/top coat all in one. Then she poped on Bubblegum nail polish. Bubblegum is part of the brand's new Ice Neon collection for the summer. The collection includes  Bubblegum, Pukka Purple, Pink Punch, Luis Lemon & Toxic apple. All available in Boots or here. After painting my nails, she kindly touched up any mistakes using the Models own Nail Corrector pen (here) which was basically a pen filled with nail polish remover, a clever little gadget. 

Next came the face products, now I've never really tried anything from the make up side of Models own. Im not sure why. I've bought their nail polish, but was never really drawn to the make up. However the sales lady brightened up my complexion with the Warm Glow: Powder Blush (here), and topped up my lippy with a lip gloss, that I cannot locate anywhere. 

I was really impressed with the friendly and welcoming service I received  I didn't feel pestered or force to buy anything. The store just felt like a group of girls who just wanted to chat make up and nails. Perfect! I went away with the Bubblegum nail polish which is AMAZING!  Watch out for a review coming very soon. And I also picked up the Warm Glow: Powder Blush. All the products were £5 each which I think is a real bargain! 

So if you're in Westfeild anytime soon, you should go along and look at the Models Own bottle shop and take a look at all the beautiful things! And watch out for a review on each product coming soon! 

Lots of love