Models own: Ice Neon: Bubblegum - nail polish

Models own: Ice Neon: Bubblegum - nail polish 
As mentioned in my Models own mini make over post last week, I made a couple of cheeky purchases. The most exciting being the Models Own ice neon nail polish in bubblegum. Id seen the ice neon collection in shops and on blogs for a few weeks and not really given them a second thought. Everyone loves neon, yes it's true, but I never really thought I'd be a neon nails type of girl. But after being pulled into the store at westfeild shopping centre the assistant began slapping the neon bubblegum pink on to my nails. The moment the first nail was done, I was sold.

Bubblegum looks nothing in the bottle, Models Own opted for a frosted bottle which i think was a really poor choice as you really dont get to see the amazing polish thats actually inside. Which i why i think i passed on buying the polish for so many weeks prior. The polish it's self is very thick and smooth, but I does seems to go a little gloopy when the bottle has been open a while - you know when you're on the last nail? But all it takes is a really good shake an all is well. 

The color is pretty much opaque with one application, however I would definitely advise a bottom coat as the rich polish can stain your nails. I also would advise a top coat as well. If you're like me , you like your nails shinny and glossy, so you may be disappointed to find out that this polish dries and looks quite dull. A very lack-lustre appearance, which is easily fixed with a top coat : my top coat of choice at  the moment is Rimmel Finishing touch - ultra shine. The polish has a good life too, it lasted on my acrylics for over a week without chips or fading! I think Models Own Ice Neon - Bubblegum is going to be a summer staple. Neons live on! 

The pictures unfortunately dont really do the polish justice - so next time you're in boots go and swatch it!! 
Have you tried any of the Models Own Ice Neon polishes?
Whats your favourite?