Dainty Doll : Mascara & Eyeliner Duo : 001 Good Gosh Miss Molly

Dainty Doll : Mascara & Eyeliner Duo : 001 Good Gosh Miss Molly 

I recently have been trying out some Dainty Doll products after receiving a couple of treats in my recent Beauty Box Swap with +Rachel Shawcross from BeautyQueenUK. I recently posted a review on Dainty Doll : Cream Blush in Paper roses check out that post here. So I'm now back with a review of Dainty Doll : Mascara and Eyeliner Duo - 001 Good Gosh Miss Molly. 

The Dainty Doll Mascara and eyeliner duo is a cute pencil sized doubled ended tube. Each end of the tube twists away from the center to reveil the products: a liquid eyeliner and a mascara.  The product as a whole is very light and is a balanced weight when applying. The Mascara end has a lovely big fibre wand which applied the black mascara. The mascara is a thin light formulation which spreads easily through the lashes for effortless application. However due to being quite thin in formulation, it doesn't hold curl well at all! And doesn't seem to do much for elongating/thickening etc which I would expect from a mascara. However, I have found that it does work great on the bottom lashes, not clumping at all and applying just enough product! 

It's really the liquid liner that I enjoy about this product. Again black and slightly think in formulation, the liner aplies so smooth and easy by the thin bristle applicator brush. For a first timer at liquid liner,  I think that this brush would be too flimsy and hard to control, however with a bit of practise this brush allows me to to create think/thick lines , winged liner all sorts. Its a really lovely product and stays put all day.  

Overall this is a really great versatile product to throw in your bag for on the go touch ups, two products in one. Where can you go wrong? 
What do you think of Dainty Doll products? 

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