Brilliant: 5 Minute Tooth Whitening Kit: A Review

Brilliant: 5 Minute Tooth Whitening Kit: A Review

Brilliant 5 minute tooth whitening kit is an easy at home tooth whitening programe clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 4 shades in just one week! You see so many of these products in the stores, making amazing and wonderful claims for whitening teeth. But are they really worth their spots? Do they really work? So I decided to put one to the test, and take you along with me.

A little history on my teeth. I've not always had great teeth, they were weak when I was a child and came through a little crooked. I had full-on braces, top and bottom for about 2 years in high school, and I was amazed with the results. Now all I have a permanent wire behind my top teeth. I drink a lot (and thats being nice) of tea and coffee, which does take it's toll on your teeth. Staining and greying of teeth is a problem for me. It's nothing major though, most people compliment my teeth any way, but the bit that bothered me that between my teeth at the bottom. There was some staining and buildup from caffeinated drinks.  

Now to the product. The Brilliant programe consists 3 components:
Step 1: Accelerator
Step 2: Whitening Gel
1x Mouth tray

What I really liked about this product was the mouth tray. It's a flexible tray which requires none of the melting and moulding, like other brands. This tray, as far as I can see, would fit all, I have a pretty tiny jaw myself. Application is also really simple and everything is included in the box. 

The directions suggest brushing your teeth prior to use, to remove any food or plaque before the whitening gel is applied. The products included are all numbered, but I would advise filling the tray with the whitening gel, step 2, prior to using step one. Whitening gel is applied to the tray using the squeezey tube - over filling the tray will not improve the whitening effect, and will only make your mouth feel sticky during the development time. 

Step one is an accelerator liquid in a bottle with a felt applicator on top. The accelerator is applied by dabbing onto each tooth you require to be whitened. The whitening action is only activated when both the step 1 and 2 are mixed after the tray is inserted. To avoid removal of the accelerator, avoid closing your mouth as your lips will wipe away the product. 

Step 3 is simply inserting the tray quickly into the mouth, ensuring that you bite down so the two products can mix and the whitening process to begin. Leave the tray to work for about 5 mins, I timed it on my iphone and the remove the tray. Brush your teeth after to remove any of the lasting product and rinse the tray. 

The directions suggest using for 5mins, twice a day for 7 days and there is more than enough product to do that, plus some extra top up days if you so wish. The system is very clean and easy to use, quick and no complicated steps, so perfect to do in the morning before you leave the house. I also opted to do the second application before bed, which worked fine for me. The product has no distinct taste, its a little gooey on your teeth when you remove the tray, but you can just brush it away. I have sensitive teeth, and had no problems with sensitivity at all with this product. Which I must say is a fear of mine when using whitening systems. The products feel very gentle and free from peroxide.

Did it work? Yes! The product worked really well for me, no I didn't go up 4 shades but my teeth definitely looked brighter and whiter even after the first day! However, since using the system - its not been about 4weeks, the whiteness has faded slightly. But thankfully there's lots more product left to give them a little top up.

I would certainly recommend this product to those who want a quick fix treatment which is cheap, gentle and easy to use. I think it would be perfect to use just before a big event, like a wedding or prom, where you're going to have lots of photos and really want that perfect white smile. Available at Superdrug for under £5!!

Have you tried any whitening systems?
Let me know!