Models own: Ice Neon: Bubblegum - nail polish

Models own: Ice Neon: Bubblegum - nail polish 
As mentioned in my Models own mini make over post last week, I made a couple of cheeky purchases. The most exciting being the Models Own ice neon nail polish in bubblegum. Id seen the ice neon collection in shops and on blogs for a few weeks and not really given them a second thought. Everyone loves neon, yes it's true, but I never really thought I'd be a neon nails type of girl. But after being pulled into the store at westfeild shopping centre the assistant began slapping the neon bubblegum pink on to my nails. The moment the first nail was done, I was sold.

Bubblegum looks nothing in the bottle, Models Own opted for a frosted bottle which i think was a really poor choice as you really dont get to see the amazing polish thats actually inside. Which i why i think i passed on buying the polish for so many weeks prior. The polish it's self is very thick and smooth, but I does seems to go a little gloopy when the bottle has been open a while - you know when you're on the last nail? But all it takes is a really good shake an all is well. 

The color is pretty much opaque with one application, however I would definitely advise a bottom coat as the rich polish can stain your nails. I also would advise a top coat as well. If you're like me , you like your nails shinny and glossy, so you may be disappointed to find out that this polish dries and looks quite dull. A very lack-lustre appearance, which is easily fixed with a top coat : my top coat of choice at  the moment is Rimmel Finishing touch - ultra shine. The polish has a good life too, it lasted on my acrylics for over a week without chips or fading! I think Models Own Ice Neon - Bubblegum is going to be a summer staple. Neons live on! 

The pictures unfortunately dont really do the polish justice - so next time you're in boots go and swatch it!! 
Have you tried any of the Models Own Ice Neon polishes?
Whats your favourite?

Urban Decay: Supercurl Curling Mascara

Urban Decay: Supercurl Curling Mascara

A few weeks ago I posted a Urban Decay Beauty Counter experience review, and mentioned I purchases Urban Decay's Naked Basic palette review here, but during my visit I was also given a sample of the Urban Decay Supercurl curling mascara, so I though I would share my thoughts. 

 Urban decay supercurl curling mascara is according to the packaging, a protein rich mascara designed to boost and sculpt beautifully curled lashes, as well as conditioning them with meadow-foam seed oil and shea butter. First of the packaging looks amazing. The product is contained in a metallic  and metal feeling tube which looks clean and exclusive. 

The formulation is surprisingly thin in my opinion for a product designed to be sculpting, but applies smoothly and evenly by the plastic curved wand. The wand is a gentle curve, designed to promote natural curling during application, while the product gets to work to hold it there. I've not always been a fan of curved wands, but they seem to be becoming more popular , even in drug store brand mascaras such as the Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express. 

The UB Supercurl curling mascara definitely does what it says on the tin. With two coats the mascara leaves me with beautiful curled whispy lashes, without even using a lash curler! Which definitely saves on time in the morning! The thin formulation doesn't clump and actually holds my lashes through out the day with easy, with no melting or mess to speak of! 

My one reservation about this mascara is that it does nothing to thicken or 'plump' the appearance of my lashes, which is what I tend to look for in a mascara. If you're looking for WOW lashes then I would stick to Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express, which is also dramatically cheaper!   However for a beautifully natural lash, which looks whimsical and effortless this beauty is the ticket. 

Have you tired any of the Urban Decay Mascaras?
What should I try next?

Dainty Doll : Mascara & Eyeliner Duo : 001 Good Gosh Miss Molly

Dainty Doll : Mascara & Eyeliner Duo : 001 Good Gosh Miss Molly 

I recently have been trying out some Dainty Doll products after receiving a couple of treats in my recent Beauty Box Swap with +Rachel Shawcross from BeautyQueenUK. I recently posted a review on Dainty Doll : Cream Blush in Paper roses check out that post here. So I'm now back with a review of Dainty Doll : Mascara and Eyeliner Duo - 001 Good Gosh Miss Molly. 

The Dainty Doll Mascara and eyeliner duo is a cute pencil sized doubled ended tube. Each end of the tube twists away from the center to reveil the products: a liquid eyeliner and a mascara.  The product as a whole is very light and is a balanced weight when applying. The Mascara end has a lovely big fibre wand which applied the black mascara. The mascara is a thin light formulation which spreads easily through the lashes for effortless application. However due to being quite thin in formulation, it doesn't hold curl well at all! And doesn't seem to do much for elongating/thickening etc which I would expect from a mascara. However, I have found that it does work great on the bottom lashes, not clumping at all and applying just enough product! 

It's really the liquid liner that I enjoy about this product. Again black and slightly think in formulation, the liner aplies so smooth and easy by the thin bristle applicator brush. For a first timer at liquid liner,  I think that this brush would be too flimsy and hard to control, however with a bit of practise this brush allows me to to create think/thick lines , winged liner all sorts. Its a really lovely product and stays put all day.  

Overall this is a really great versatile product to throw in your bag for on the go touch ups, two products in one. Where can you go wrong? 
What do you think of Dainty Doll products? 

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Sinful Colors Nail polish

Sinful Colors Nail polish 

A few weeks ago I was wondering around Westfield Shopping mall and I found these beauties on sale in boots for a mere £1.99 each! I've seen Sinful colours reviewed before but never actually seen them in  stores. Never the less I picked up two colours; Cinderella & Forget now. 

Cinderella is unlike any polish currently in my collection, edging on the baby blue side of pastille rather than the other mint greens I have. The base of Cinderella is the gorgeous sky blue but this polish really shines due to the beautiful array of golden shimmers that are dispersed within the polish. Forget Now is a beautiful Barbie hot pink, crammed full to tiny pink and gold shimmers which catch the light so gorgeously. 

 The Sinful colours polishes have a rather thick consistency so you can get away with only one coat at a push, however I usually opt for two coats. The dry time is a little bother, they're not the quickest drying polished ever. I think it's due to their thickness. Once dry the sinful colors polishes dry to a mid shine, not quite shiny enough for my liking, but I normally put a top coat on my nails anyway. I found that the fine shimmer refelcted the light so beautiful, I found myself staring at them at work. Ha! Also due to the fine-ness of the shimmers they aren't a bugger to remove like glitter polishes - so you can get the same effect with much less hassel. Perfect! 

The picture below is not the best display of the shimmers of the polishes, however this was taken before a top coat was applied - so show you how the polished look themselves. I would advise a top coat to protect the polish and give some shine. 

Overall I really liked Sinful Colors nail polishes, however if it weren't for the shimmers I dont think these polishes rate any better than other brands drug store like Models Own , Barry M or Rimmel. 

Have you tried any Sinful Colors Nail polishes?
What did you think? 

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Dainty Doll: Cream Blusher: 001 Paper Roses

Dainty Doll: Cream Blusher: 001 Paper Roses 
Another one of the products in my Beauty Box Swap with +Rachel Shawcross was this gorgeous Dainty Doll Cream Blusher in 001 Paper Roses. Even though I've looked at numerous reviews of Dainty Doll products, I'd never actually tried any my self. So I felt very lucky to have recieved TWO DD products in the box swap! 

Dainty Doll is a mid-range make up brand created but Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud - you know - the ginger one? Despite my reservations of celebrity branded cosmetics, Dainty Doll has actually impressed me. Well done Nicola. 
 First off the packaging is gorgeous, a sleek and simple plastic casing is durable and practical and contains a great sized mirror for on the go applications. And surprisingly enough, the product inside is pretty decently sized as well taking up almost the entire compact - as it should do! 

The product it's self is a beautiful light bubblegum pink colour, which is definitely most suited to a pale complexion. For me this product has been a lovely addition to my collection, I simply blend on to my apples using my fingers to give a gorgeous healthy pinched blush. I find the colour is also very highlighting as well, adding dimension and light to my complexion. The product is a very light creamy consistency and highly pigmented, I only need a touch or two blended over my cheeks for a great colour pay off! 

I'm a big fan so far of this blush and the other DD products I've got to play with, I find that a cream blush makes make up application quick and easy and it stays put where other powdered blushes may fade during the day. I've not need to reapply once yet! Try pairing Paper Roses with a nice bronzer for a healthy flushed glow! I will certainly be on the look out for other shades! 

Look out for Dainty Doll - Mascara & Eyeliner Duo -001 Good Gosh Miss Molly Review very soon! 

You can find Dainty Doll products here 

Have you tried any Dainty Doll products? 
What are you thoughts?  

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Ciate: 3D Nail Stickers : Roses

Ciate: 3D Nail Stickers : Roses

If you read my post yesterday you would have seen that I've taken part in a Beauty Box Swap, and these beautiful nail stickers were the first thing I wanted to play with! Ciate 3D Nail stickers in Roses are simply beautiful and so much fun. I felt like a child again playing with nail stickers, and does anyone remember stick on earrings?! However Ciate have reformed the image of nail stickers for me now in these dainty and elegant stickers. 

The card contains white 3D roses on a clear backing in a variety of sizes, including a hint of glitter for an extra girly touch. Simply apply the stickers to the nail using a pair of tweezers, press down and top with a clear polish to secure it. The Ciate 3D roses look gorgeous on clear nails, I really love them over my acrylic french nails, or even over top of your favourite coloured polish! 

You can pick up the Ciate 3D nail stickers here: Link
What do you think?

Lots of love 
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Urban Decay: Naked Basics Pallette: Reviewed & Swatched

Urban Decay: Naked Basics Palette

A few weeks ago I posted about my Urban Decay beauty counter expereince where I mentioned I picked up the Naked Basics Palette. Finally now my exams are over and I've had a chance to play around with the pallette I'm writing a review.

The packaging of the Naked Basics is so elegant. A small hand sized metalic copper plastic pallette with a snap shut closure making it perfect for travel. The reasoning behind me picking up this pallette rather than the Naked 1 or 2 was the fact I'm going travelling in about 6 weeks, so this little baby is perfect to throw in the back pack. The case is sturdy and has a decent sized mirror too, as well as containing essential no nonsense every day shadows.
The Naked Basics pallette contains 6 every day neutral shadows, perfect for day time wear and even night time! 5 of the shadows are Matte and one is a shimmer. The colours I've found I reach for most are Naked 2 , WOS & Venus. To me these 3 shadows in them selves are worth buying the whole palette. I simply cover my lid with WOS and then run Naked 2 through the crease and blend. For a touch of highlight I then add Venus to my brow bone and inner corner. A little bit of mascara and liner and I'm done! 

The other colours are what makes this palette so versatile  Not only does it allow you to effortlessly crease natural everyday looks, but blend a touch of Faint in your outer lid and crease and smudge Crave through your lash line and you have the perfect smokey eye for drinks and dinner. Perfect.
The only miss of this palette for me is Foxy, a more yellow toned ivory which doesn't seem to complement my skin or eyes in any way. I would of preferred to swap Foxy out for a shimmery taupe or grey. Then this palette would be perfect! 

The shadows themselves are soft and beautifully milled, making them so smooth and silky to apply with little fall out and easy to blend. The last power is amazing also, their almost creamy texture makes them last all day. 

I love this palette, and it has quickly become a staple in my daily routine. It would also make a gorgeous gift too! And for only £20 for 6 incredible shadows - you can't go far wrong!

What do you think of the Naked Basics Palette?

Beauty Blogger Box Sway: BeautyQueenUK

A few weeks ago +Hannah Roberts from the lovely from HannahMarie proposed a BBlogger box swap. I was very good and I didn't pick up my lovely box of goodies till after my exams, as I knew it's contence would only distract me from revision. So I am SO glad I waited! Me and Steven met up after my exam to pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate and picked my beauty box up from work (where it was delivered) on the way. It was like Christmas morning! Champagne and presents! 

This is the contence of my box:
Yes to Carrots - Hand and elbow Cream
Nspa - Grape Fruit Body Lotion 
Katy Perry Lashes - Darling
Lush - Honey I Shrunk the kids
Lush - Bath bomb
Diego Dalla Palma - Snow White and the Huntsman Palette
Dainty Doll - Creme Blush // Paper Roses
Dainty Doll - Mascara & Eye liner duo // Good gosh miss Molly
Oriflame - More Nail polish 
Oriflame - More Lipstick // Hollywood red
Ciate - 3D Nail stickers // Roses
W7 - Lip balm // Ravishing Raspberry & Cheeky Cherry
Yankee Candle - Soft Cotton ,  Sweet pea & Vanilla Frosting 
The Sweet Treat Boutique - Bath Crystals // Lemon Meringue & Candy Floss
Anatomicals - Face Mask // Anti-Stress & Mattifying
Montagne Jeunesse - Peel-off Masque
Dermae - Various Samples
Rituals - Exfoliating Body Scrub // Wai Wany
Rituals - Body Cream // Mei Dao
Rituals - Foot Balm // Lao Tze 
Bvlgari - Perfume // Omnia Crystalline 
Nspa - Bath Fizzer 
Sleek - Nail Polish 
Eye Candy - Neon Nail polish

I think you can agree that I was spoilt! I've spent so much time playing, testing, sniffing and enjoying all of these gorgeous products. Many from brands I haven't tried yet! So you can look forward to many reviews and posts coming soon. 

So much thanks to +Rachel Shawcross for being so generous. I'm currenly in the process of gathering a second beauty box for Rachel as we speak! Make sure you check out her blog too :

Lots of love

Model's own mini make over experience

I was in London yesterday for a job interview so obviosuly I had to stop off at Westfeild shopping centre on the way home! Now I normally hate those vender sales people who come up to you asking you 'would like to try this amazing product...'. Simply NO! If I wanted to try your product, I would try it. STOP BUGGING ME! But when a rep from Models Own approached me offering me a 'mini make over' I couldn't resist. I was taken into their very odd life size nail polish bottle shop and seated in front of a mirror. 

The sales lady used a variety of products on me, firstly she did my nails using a clear polish which i cannot seem to locate on their website (but you can buy it here). The lady described it as a nail strengthener combined with a base/top coat all in one. Then she poped on Bubblegum nail polish. Bubblegum is part of the brand's new Ice Neon collection for the summer. The collection includes  Bubblegum, Pukka Purple, Pink Punch, Luis Lemon & Toxic apple. All available in Boots or here. After painting my nails, she kindly touched up any mistakes using the Models own Nail Corrector pen (here) which was basically a pen filled with nail polish remover, a clever little gadget. 

Next came the face products, now I've never really tried anything from the make up side of Models own. Im not sure why. I've bought their nail polish, but was never really drawn to the make up. However the sales lady brightened up my complexion with the Warm Glow: Powder Blush (here), and topped up my lippy with a lip gloss, that I cannot locate anywhere. 

I was really impressed with the friendly and welcoming service I received  I didn't feel pestered or force to buy anything. The store just felt like a group of girls who just wanted to chat make up and nails. Perfect! I went away with the Bubblegum nail polish which is AMAZING!  Watch out for a review coming very soon. And I also picked up the Warm Glow: Powder Blush. All the products were £5 each which I think is a real bargain! 

So if you're in Westfeild anytime soon, you should go along and look at the Models Own bottle shop and take a look at all the beautiful things! And watch out for a review on each product coming soon! 

Lots of love

Lush: Charlotte Island - Body Tint: A Review

Lush - Charlotte Island - Body Tint

Lush's Charlotte Island is a chocolate tinted body tint, perfect for faking that sun kissed glow. Charlotte Island is a moisturising cream with a slight gel-like texture which gives great day-long hydration to the skin. Charlotte Island is the perfect little bottle of sun for a quick skin pick-me-up. The colour blends in easily to the skin and gives a very natural and glowing tan.

Application is quick and simple and washes off easily, and leaves you smelling amazing! Now I can't explain the smell, you might have to take a sniff yourself. But the bottle says its fruity, where as I think its more like a chocolatey scent! But I'm not that great with smells! You need to me a little careful to make sure its all dried and absorbed before dressing, especially if you're wearing white as it can rub off a little. But once its all absorbed you shouldn't have any problems!  So while the sunshine is still hit and miss here in the UK, you have no excuse not to look like a bronzed goddess! 

You can get Charlotte Island Body Tint from any Lush store!

MaXFactor: Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick: A review and Swatches

MaXFactor: Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick
Designer Blossom 30 & Subtle Coral 20

It seems like every brand is having a go at their version of the Clinique chubby sticks. We've seen similar products from Revlon, Rimmel, MUA (review here) and now MaXFactor has taken their turn with their new release of their Colour Elixir Giant Pen sticks. The Maxfactor colour elixir giant pen sticks come in 6 different shades. I spotted them in Boots last weekend and hadn't really read anything about them - so figured I'd pick a couple up and try them out. All of the shades swatched beautifully, and I couldn't resist picking up Designer Blossom and Subtle coral. 

The Colour Elixir giant pen sticks is a glossy finish lip stick in a handy pen form, the packaging style is much like other pen lipsticks, however unlike the MUA which has a twist up bullet, the giant pen sticks require sharpening. It's not a huge deal, but it can be a bit of a pain. 

The finish is a glossy balm lipstick which is sheer with first application, much like the Revolon lip butters, but can be built up to a more intense colour. The product goes on smoothly and is soft and moisturising, and not tacky at all. The colour is glossy but not shimmery as far as I can see, however I think some of the other shades do have some shimmer in them. The wear time of these lipsticks is pretty impressive, the colour just seems to keep going! Admittedly the gloss does wear off first, but the colour stays put!

Designer Blossom 30 is a beautiful pink toned blood red colour which is really build-able, and looks like you've been sucking on a lolly pop! Designer blossom was the colour that drew me to the collection. A girl can never have enough red lipsticks! haha! The only problem I've had with this colour that it does bleed a little, so I advise a lip pencil. It also stains pretty badly, and leaves a weird pink red on the lips, not attractive at all. I simply use a lip balm before application and it seems to have done the trick.

Subtle Coral 20 however is the medal winner for me in the collection. Subtle coral is a gorgeous peach coral, which gives more of a nude look to the lip. This shade is much more sheer than Designer Blossom giving the lips a hint of glossy colour, which is perfect for summer. The colour being more sheer makes it more manageable and upkeep is less effort, I dont even need a mirror to apply this one! And it goes with everything! I'm in love!

Have you tried the MaxFactor Colour Elixir Giant Pen sticks
What shades are your favourite?! 

So that's it....I have a degree...

It's over, it's finally over! After three years of painful hard work, sweat and many many tears, I can finally say; IT'S OVER! School is officially out FOREVER, so what's next for me? Biomedical degree in hand and over £20,000 in debt, I feel my life can finally begin! But first of course, I had to celebrate in style. A bottle of champagne and an afternoon in the sun with the boyfriend. And then I am embarrassed to say - I had an early night. I didn't realise it was so tired, till all the stress of exams was gone. To top it all off  today I had a successful meeting with a company, saw my brother and an old friend and did a spot of shopping - reviews coming soon!   

I don't think it's really sunk in yet, but the future is looking bright and I'm so excited to see what life has in store for me! For the next little while you can expect lots of new and exciting posts on my blog, so keep a look out! Dont forget to follow and Google+ me! 

To all of those who still have exams, I wish you the best of luck! 
The summer is so close! 
Lots of Love

Brilliant: 5 Minute Tooth Whitening Kit: A Review

Brilliant: 5 Minute Tooth Whitening Kit: A Review

Brilliant 5 minute tooth whitening kit is an easy at home tooth whitening programe clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 4 shades in just one week! You see so many of these products in the stores, making amazing and wonderful claims for whitening teeth. But are they really worth their spots? Do they really work? So I decided to put one to the test, and take you along with me.

A little history on my teeth. I've not always had great teeth, they were weak when I was a child and came through a little crooked. I had full-on braces, top and bottom for about 2 years in high school, and I was amazed with the results. Now all I have a permanent wire behind my top teeth. I drink a lot (and thats being nice) of tea and coffee, which does take it's toll on your teeth. Staining and greying of teeth is a problem for me. It's nothing major though, most people compliment my teeth any way, but the bit that bothered me that between my teeth at the bottom. There was some staining and buildup from caffeinated drinks.  

Now to the product. The Brilliant programe consists 3 components:
Step 1: Accelerator
Step 2: Whitening Gel
1x Mouth tray

What I really liked about this product was the mouth tray. It's a flexible tray which requires none of the melting and moulding, like other brands. This tray, as far as I can see, would fit all, I have a pretty tiny jaw myself. Application is also really simple and everything is included in the box. 

The directions suggest brushing your teeth prior to use, to remove any food or plaque before the whitening gel is applied. The products included are all numbered, but I would advise filling the tray with the whitening gel, step 2, prior to using step one. Whitening gel is applied to the tray using the squeezey tube - over filling the tray will not improve the whitening effect, and will only make your mouth feel sticky during the development time. 

Step one is an accelerator liquid in a bottle with a felt applicator on top. The accelerator is applied by dabbing onto each tooth you require to be whitened. The whitening action is only activated when both the step 1 and 2 are mixed after the tray is inserted. To avoid removal of the accelerator, avoid closing your mouth as your lips will wipe away the product. 

Step 3 is simply inserting the tray quickly into the mouth, ensuring that you bite down so the two products can mix and the whitening process to begin. Leave the tray to work for about 5 mins, I timed it on my iphone and the remove the tray. Brush your teeth after to remove any of the lasting product and rinse the tray. 

The directions suggest using for 5mins, twice a day for 7 days and there is more than enough product to do that, plus some extra top up days if you so wish. The system is very clean and easy to use, quick and no complicated steps, so perfect to do in the morning before you leave the house. I also opted to do the second application before bed, which worked fine for me. The product has no distinct taste, its a little gooey on your teeth when you remove the tray, but you can just brush it away. I have sensitive teeth, and had no problems with sensitivity at all with this product. Which I must say is a fear of mine when using whitening systems. The products feel very gentle and free from peroxide.

Did it work? Yes! The product worked really well for me, no I didn't go up 4 shades but my teeth definitely looked brighter and whiter even after the first day! However, since using the system - its not been about 4weeks, the whiteness has faded slightly. But thankfully there's lots more product left to give them a little top up.

I would certainly recommend this product to those who want a quick fix treatment which is cheap, gentle and easy to use. I think it would be perfect to use just before a big event, like a wedding or prom, where you're going to have lots of photos and really want that perfect white smile. Available at Superdrug for under £5!!

Have you tried any whitening systems?
Let me know! 

Summer Lovin' : Bank Holiday Weekend

Hello beautiful people, I hope you've had a lovely bank holiday. I thought I'd do a little life update, and post some pictures of my weekend. We have so blessed with the weather the last few days me and the boyfriend took a trip to cambridge to celebrate his birthday! We spent time with family, drinking wine, laying in the sun, playing in the hot tub and eating BBQ food - was like pure summer time!

 It was such a needed break from revision and final prep for exams. I finish my degree in less than a week now! And I could not be more excited to be done at last! To keep my spirits high I decided to buy myself some pretty flowers for my room.

What did you get up to this weekend?