Weekly finds

I've spent my sunday afternoon lazily browsing the net, catching up on my YouTube subscriptions, reading blogs and doing a spot of retail therapy. One of my favourite site to browse is etsy.com, If you don't know what etsy is, it's a site where independent sellers can sell homemade and vintage products. From furnature to jewlery and clothes, etsy holds endless amounts of gorgeous and interesting products. I would recommend you check it out! 

Anyway, the point of writing this post was to share something brilliant I found etsy.com. You've all seen/bought/lusted after the Naked 2 Palette..... Now you can have it on your iphone! 

As well as the Naked palette you can get Chanel nail polish covers and a ranger of other things. I think this is a perfect way for  beauty blogger/enthusiast to express their passion through their phone! You can find this phone case here for only £9.73!

What do you have on your phone?