Primark : Glitter ball Nail wraps : How to & Review

Primark : Glitter ball Nail stickers : How to & Review

Theres something about doing your nails which relaxes me so much. I love setting myself up on my bed with various products and tools and just playing like a little girl. I don't know if thats just me? But when my nails are done nicely I feel a lot more put together and its puts a little smile on my face when I look down at my fingers. But the down side is the time... you need (for me anyway) a solid hour, to manicure, shape, paint, 2 coats and top coat my nails and thats before drying time! So a simple solution is these stick on manicures and nail art things. Ever dubious, and unwilling to part with my pennies , I was yet to dry this new Fad. That was until I spotted these for only £1 in Primark. Bonus. 

All you'll need to create this manicure is;
 your chosen nail wraps,
 a pair of nail scissors (normal scissors will do),
 a nail file and 
a clear nail polish or top coat. 

The pack from Primark came with 20 individual nail wraps of 10 sizes, making them suitable for most people. The ones I chose are this beautiful glitter ball pattern with a clear base. The pattern is made up of sliver gel diamonds, giving the wrap a smooth and but textured feel.

Firstly make sure your nails are clean and shaped as desired. Gently filing the top of the nail with the nail file will help the wraps to stick and last a little longer too! Simply select the right sized wrap, use the scissors to trip to appropriate size and shape and peel from the backing.

The using the file at a right angle to the end of the nail, gently file off the hang over of the wrap. This will ensure the wrap fits exactly to the shape of your nail. You can also use scissors to do this if you prefer. Make sure to do this slowly and gently as the wraps can tear and look a bit tatty at the edges. To fix I added a layer of clear nail polish to the end of the nail and around the edges of the wrap to form a seal. This helps prevent the wraps from flicking up and improves wear time.

I love the look of these wraps and they sparkle so nicely in the sunshine, bringing a smile to my face. Its such an easy way to add a glamourous touch to your look with minimal effort. The last time of these isn't amazing, as would be expected. They are only stickers. Although I did a full day's work in them, and I'm constantly using my hands and they held up great. Their down fall sadly, was the washing up bowl. These babies didn't like water - just another excuse to make the other half do the dishes! haha.

For only £1 these are well worth a look, Primark have lot of different styles and patterns so go check them out. I think these ones would also look great over a coloured polish too. The possibilities!

Have you tired any nail wraps? 
What are your thoughts?