How to fix a broken lipstick

How to fix a broken lipstick
Have you ever felt that gut wrenching feeling when your favourite lipstick breaks? Thats exactly what happened to me this morning... so like any faithful beauty and technology addict, I googled it. After watching a couple of youtube videos I managed fix my favourite nude lippy. 

After I did this, I was kicking myself as I should of documented it and posted it here for you lovely people. So because I'm suck a lovely blogger and ever confident in this method, I took a craft knife to another lipstick to show you. But after that... the photos didn't turn out that great... but here's how it works. 

You will need; 
- Something to protect your surfaces
- A candle & something to light it
- A broken lipstick
- Cotton buds
- A freezer

1. Light the candle 
2. Slowly and carefully melt the product remaining in the lipstick tube by placing it near the flame. Hold near flame for about 3 - 5 seconds until the surface is visibly melted.
3. Repeat with the bullet of the broken lipstick.
4. Gently push both ends together, they will probably mush a little bit, but thats okay.
5. Using a cotton bud blend both pieces together over the break line.
6. Then pop the lid back on a place in the freezer for about 10mins.

Step 2
 Step 4

 Step 5

As you can see it is a little messy, but after 10mins in the freezer your lipstick will be as good as new! I love this, now you dont have to shed a tear over a broken lipstick. Or fork out money for a replacement. 

Will you try this on your broken lipsticks?! 

Much love