Fitness Freak: 21 day rule

Fitness Freak: 21 day rule
If you've been following my blog for a while, you will know that I often dip into the subject of fitness and health in my posts. (most recent post). Fitness and health is something I'm very passionate about, it's how I de-stress and what I enjoy. Most people, including me struggle to keep up a healthy lifestyle all the time, So I like to share some of the tips and tricks that I pick up along the way. 

I saw this on pintrest today and loved the idea and from tomorrow: I will be implementing it in my life. 

We all know quick fixes don't work! Research shows that it take 21 days of conscious change and commitment to make a change a habit. This include fitness and health. If you want to eat healthier, then for 21 days you need to consciously choose to eat healthy. If you want to lose a bit of weight, then you need to make a conscious effort to work out for 21 days! 

After that, research suggests that you've trained and taught your brain and body to treat these changes as habit. You will start to crave healthy food and crave exercise. 

Obviously this doesn't apply to everything - quitting smoking or something bigger may take a longer period of time. But this is a great start. 3 weeks is not a long time! 

So for the next 21 days, I will work out or do some form of exercise for a minimum of 30mins! To help me achieve this, I've put 21 numbered labels along my mirror as a visual reminder. Everyday another label can come off. It's like counting down to christmas - except I dont get chocolate! I'll hopefully lose a few pounds instead! 

I would love for you to take this journey with me - Let me know if you do and we can keep each other going! 

Good luck! 

MUA: Power Pout: A Review and Swatches

MUA: Power Pout: A Review and Swatches
Another new addition to the MUA line is the well hyped and blogged:  POWER POUT tint and balms. Rumoured to be a due for various chubby sticks and balms available, but for a fraction of the price. The power pout line has a range of 6 colours for only £3 each! I picked up two of the shades from the local superdrug to see what all the fuss was about. 

The packaging is very versatile  shaped like a crayon, with a wind up bottom to expose the product within the bullet. I think this makes the product so easy to work with! No sharpening needed, and no waste either. It makes it a perfect small product to pop in your hand bag on the go. 

The formulation is a creamy balm which melts so easily on contact to skin and can feel a little bit sticky on the lips. The pigmentation of the power pouts varies in my experience; Crazy in Love is incredibly pigmented, almost like a lipstick, where as Rendezvous needs to be built up for full colour. The formulation also has a minty taste which is tingly upon application, but fades away quickly. Personally, I don't like the minty taste, but thats a personal preference. I don't find the product to be moisturising  but a little drying on the lips, despite the creamy formulation. The finish of the balm has a glossy stain appearance, and lasts for a couple of hours, before reapplication is required. 

Rendezvous is the nude shade in the collection, and from the tube appears to be a pinky toned nude. However I was a little disappointed as once applied, or swathed (seen below) the balm is more of a peachy neutral pink. Over time the product seems to oxidise and become more red toned. Far from the nude I thought I was purchasing. Despite that, the colour is a lovely wearable color for the summer, easy to throw on for day time, but not what I would of chosen myself. 

Crazy in love is a beautiful colour. A blue toned cherry red, which looks like you've been sucking on an ice lolly, which I love. Such a fun and girly colour for the summer days and even nights! I was a big  fan of the winter red lip, so I'm so happy to bring that look into the summer, but in a lighter feel. I have noticed that the balm does stain my lips, so wear a balm underneath. 

Overall I do really like these balms, I think they're the perfect light pop of colour for the summer. I just wish they were a little more moisturising and lasted a little longer. But for £3 I'll for sure pick up some more shades. 
Have you tired any MUA Power Pouts? 
What shade should I try next?

MUA: Plum Noir nail polish: A Review and swatches

MUA: Plum Noir nail polish: A Review and swatches

Recently MUA have been churning out new product, almost weekly! But they've also been giving some TLC to their old products. In particular, MUA have re-formulated and repackaged their nail polish. So of course I had to try them out! The range has 18 gorgeous shades, which all retail for only £1. Unfortunately my local superdrug only had about 8 of the range, so I was limited in my choice. 

Firstly, take a look at the new packaging and you may recognise it. Yes, the new bottles are very reminicant of the Essie nail polish bottles, but about half the size. The bottle is a clear glass with MUA embossed within the bottle. I actually think the smaller size is perfect. Great to pop in your hand-bag for on the go touch ups and lets be honest- have you ever used up a whole bottle of polish? Mine normally dry up before I use them up. 

I have no experience of the other MUA polishes, so I can't make a comparison at this point. But the formulation of this polish is varied. On first application, the polish looked thin and seemed to separate when applied. With a second or third coat the polish did even out and gain full opacity. The polish dried quickly, and had an ultra glossy finish. So doesn't require a top coat!  The smell isn't great though, a lot stronger than normal polish, so I crack open a window whilst applying. 

Plum Noir is a more of a winter colour, I do admit, but it's beautiful. With strong blue undertones, plum noir is a winey purple. The polish dries very true to the bottle colour too. Wear time wasn't phenomenal, about 2 days for me, with a couple of tiny touch ups. 

Overall - for £1, this product looks sophisticated and much more expensive that in it is. A perfect pop of colour without the splurge, and for someone who likes to change up my polish almost daily, who cares about wear time?! 

Have you tried MUA £1 polishes?
What colour should I try next?! 

Primark : Glitter ball Nail wraps : How to & Review

Primark : Glitter ball Nail stickers : How to & Review

Theres something about doing your nails which relaxes me so much. I love setting myself up on my bed with various products and tools and just playing like a little girl. I don't know if thats just me? But when my nails are done nicely I feel a lot more put together and its puts a little smile on my face when I look down at my fingers. But the down side is the time... you need (for me anyway) a solid hour, to manicure, shape, paint, 2 coats and top coat my nails and thats before drying time! So a simple solution is these stick on manicures and nail art things. Ever dubious, and unwilling to part with my pennies , I was yet to dry this new Fad. That was until I spotted these for only £1 in Primark. Bonus. 

All you'll need to create this manicure is;
 your chosen nail wraps,
 a pair of nail scissors (normal scissors will do),
 a nail file and 
a clear nail polish or top coat. 

The pack from Primark came with 20 individual nail wraps of 10 sizes, making them suitable for most people. The ones I chose are this beautiful glitter ball pattern with a clear base. The pattern is made up of sliver gel diamonds, giving the wrap a smooth and but textured feel.

Firstly make sure your nails are clean and shaped as desired. Gently filing the top of the nail with the nail file will help the wraps to stick and last a little longer too! Simply select the right sized wrap, use the scissors to trip to appropriate size and shape and peel from the backing.

The using the file at a right angle to the end of the nail, gently file off the hang over of the wrap. This will ensure the wrap fits exactly to the shape of your nail. You can also use scissors to do this if you prefer. Make sure to do this slowly and gently as the wraps can tear and look a bit tatty at the edges. To fix I added a layer of clear nail polish to the end of the nail and around the edges of the wrap to form a seal. This helps prevent the wraps from flicking up and improves wear time.

I love the look of these wraps and they sparkle so nicely in the sunshine, bringing a smile to my face. Its such an easy way to add a glamourous touch to your look with minimal effort. The last time of these isn't amazing, as would be expected. They are only stickers. Although I did a full day's work in them, and I'm constantly using my hands and they held up great. Their down fall sadly, was the washing up bowl. These babies didn't like water - just another excuse to make the other half do the dishes! haha.

For only £1 these are well worth a look, Primark have lot of different styles and patterns so go check them out. I think these ones would also look great over a coloured polish too. The possibilities!

Have you tired any nail wraps? 
What are your thoughts? 

Beauty Counter Experience: Urban Decay

Image: weheartit.  Edited: ClaireRebecca

As a beauty blogger and all round beauty addict beauty counters are something I experience frequently. However, it doesn't matter how many times I've visited a counter, It's always a intimidating and strangely nerve wracking experience. I don't know what it is, the high-end products? The judgemental and rude assistants? The pressure to make a purchase? Just the entire process is stressful, and I don't think I'm alone on this one. A while ago I read a post about MAC assistants and how rude they are. And this is something I can personally relate to, to the point where I wouldn't go into the MAC store because of the dirty and judgemental looks I received. In my mind beauty counter assistants should be really approachable, and friendly but it's not always the case. With all my previous bad experiences, I am pleased to report that I have recently had a wonderful time with a beauty counter, it has prompted me to write this post. 

Last week, fellow beauty blogger and best friend +Lauren Dilieto was visiting me in Oxford and like true beauty addicts we are, we decided to check out the beauty hall in Debenhams. Lauren was searching for a foundation, whereas I was just taking in everything pretty and pink I could get my hands on when the make up artist from Urban Decay caught our attention. In all I think we spent about half an hour to 45mins at the counter playing and testing almost everything on display. Sarah, the beautiful outgoing make up artist made us feel relaxed and welcome to play with the products as much as we liked. Sarah kindly showed me how to shape and fill my eye brows (A skill I'm yet to master) using UD's Brow Box, and then went on to touch up my entire face with bronzer, blush, eye shadow and lip gloss. Now, Urban Decay is a company I've read so much on, and lusted after for so long, but had never actually owned of tried a product myself. Sarah was so helpful, answered all out inquisitive, blogger-like questions and went on to fix up Lauern's make up as well. 

In the end, I ended up coming away with the Naked Basics palette and a free sample of their Supercurl Curling Mascara. Posts reviewing both products will be up shortly. Overall the experience really changed my opinion of beauty counters and really made me feel comfortable to approach assistants and artists. I think it's important to remember that beauty counter assistants are fellow make up lovers and genuinely just want to chat beauty. So don't feel pressured into buying something. Ask questions , play with the products and just be nice. I will be going back to visit the Urban Decay counter in the very near future. 

I would be really interested in hearing about your beauty counter experiences. Have you had any outstanding customer service? Or been made to feel unwelcome? Let me know in the comments below. 

How to fix a broken lipstick

How to fix a broken lipstick
Have you ever felt that gut wrenching feeling when your favourite lipstick breaks? Thats exactly what happened to me this morning... so like any faithful beauty and technology addict, I googled it. After watching a couple of youtube videos I managed fix my favourite nude lippy. 

After I did this, I was kicking myself as I should of documented it and posted it here for you lovely people. So because I'm suck a lovely blogger and ever confident in this method, I took a craft knife to another lipstick to show you. But after that... the photos didn't turn out that great... but here's how it works. 

You will need; 
- Something to protect your surfaces
- A candle & something to light it
- A broken lipstick
- Cotton buds
- A freezer

1. Light the candle 
2. Slowly and carefully melt the product remaining in the lipstick tube by placing it near the flame. Hold near flame for about 3 - 5 seconds until the surface is visibly melted.
3. Repeat with the bullet of the broken lipstick.
4. Gently push both ends together, they will probably mush a little bit, but thats okay.
5. Using a cotton bud blend both pieces together over the break line.
6. Then pop the lid back on a place in the freezer for about 10mins.

Step 2
 Step 4

 Step 5

As you can see it is a little messy, but after 10mins in the freezer your lipstick will be as good as new! I love this, now you dont have to shed a tear over a broken lipstick. Or fork out money for a replacement. 

Will you try this on your broken lipsticks?! 

Much love

NOTD: Lava Nails

NOTD : Lava Nails 

I've been seeing this look all over the place at the moment, so I figured I would recreate it myself. I love the blast of glitter at the cuticle, it's sort of a reverse glitter tip. It's a cute way to wear glitter without looking like a 12 year old girl or it taking hours to remove! I adore this look, its  girly and pretty as well as being sophisticated and glamourous! 

I used two coats of Models Own : Purple gray over the whole nail. Purple gray is a pretty slate gray purple polish, which is classy and appropriate for all occasions. I then applied Barry M Nail Paint : Pink silver glitter (reviewed here) using a small paint brush in light stroaks from the cuticle, about 2/3 of the way up the nail. I added two coats of the glitter to give a strength to the look. Finish off with a couple of coats of your favourite top coat and voila! 

What other ways do you use glitter polish?
If you try this look please send me a picture, I'd love to see. 
Either on instagram : @cbladen
or on twitter: @cbladen

Lots of love

Clothing and Shoes Haul

Clothing and shoes haul

So the sun has finally decided to come out (a bit) here in the UK, I say this with caution as I don't want to scare it away. Needless to say the sunshine makes me instantly happier and a nicer person to be around. I think my boyfriend would agree with that too! Hehe. I don't know about you, but I've been hanging around, waiting for spring to show up for so long. But now it seems to have arrived all I can think of is - shopping! Over the last week of two I've picked up various bits and bobs to revamp my wardrobe for the warmer months and I figured I'd lump it all together in one big haul post for you! 

I'm not posting these in any order, I tried to group the items in to sort of outfits for the benefit of the photographs. Some of these were purchased when I was at my parent's for Easter, some here in Oxford and some we're from Westfield London. 

Firstly I needed to restock on some of the essentials; I picked up 3 cami tops from Primark in white, grey-marl and charcoal (£1.50 each). I wear camis under almost everything and don't feel the need to pay anything more than Primark prices, when they need replacing so often due to the frequency I wear them.  Secondly I picked up a bog-standard black button cardi with a v-neck line form H&M. This was only £9.99 I think, a staple for every girl's wardrobe! 

Next up was another Primark purchase, I picked up this coral/orangey blousey tank top for only £4! The top fits lovely which was surprise as I didn't even try it on. It's very flattering, and floats nicely on the hips at the front and dips lower at the back. I love the little pocket detail too, although the button on it looks a little cheap, so I have plans to replace it with something a little more bling! The necklace is also a Primark bargain at £3! I'm really loving gold chunky statement pieces at the moment, and this little beaut was right up my alley. The chain is a chunky snake-like chain with 5 large rhinestones. A simple was to add a little glamour and sparkle to any outfit! 

I think my favourite purchase recently has to be these heels. Like seriously- how amazing are these?! They're from SuiteBlanco in Westfield London and we're 30% off! I couldn't resist. The heels are a solid black suede, with a pointed toe and gold toe cap. But honestly the main attraction of these shoes is the bottoms..... leopard print!! I'm in love! Plus they're a really great height for being comfortable all day. 

Jeans are one thing that I find IMPOSSIBLE to find. A good pair of jeans is a rare commodity  especially when you're vertically challenged like myself. But I found these jet black soft skinnys in NEWLOOK, of all places?! Newlook isn't a place where I would normally shop, I don't know why, I just never feel drawn in. But I was so very pleased to discover they do a short leg jean! Why did no one tell me?! I normally by gap jeans, which cost the earth, but I'm delighted that I've now found these beauties for only £19.99 and with student discount... I'll be back for more! 

Whilst in Newlook I also picked up a loose fitting tank in a dusty rose pink, I really loved the cut out detailing of roses too and for only £9.99, I really am a Newlook convert! (Necklace: Same as above). The pretty white cap-sleeved T is from H&M and has beautiful mesh and flower detailing over the chest and arms. A perfect light top for the spring months. 

I don't know what it is, but recently I can't stop buying heels, I picked up these nude wedges in Primark for only £14 and I have hardly taken them off. They're pretty high, but the platform makes them super comfy and easy to walk in. They go with absolutely everything too, day or night, jeans or dress. 

Next up was an bit of a spontaneous purchase on ASOS. Have you seen Breaking dawn part II?! If you haven't, well A) why not? and B) it explains this purchase. In the opening scenes, where you see Bella for the first time in all her vampire glory she's sporting a beautiful blue shift dress. I've seen the movie before, but for some reason, whilst watching it at home over easter I had to have one myself! So I searched all over the internet and settled on this one. The colour is showing a little brighter on camera, but it's a beautiful colbolt blue. It's a light and slightly loose fitting shift dress which I think will look amazing with both heels and sandals in the summer! 

Oh look, another pair of heels. Yes I know, but they're so cute. I picked up these patient nude heels from Primark for only £10! I wore these around London all day yesterday, they're super comfy and elegant too.  The nude bag is also from Primark, around £12 I believe. I love studding, and it's everywhere at the moment paired with the gold metal work makes this bag look a lot more expensive than it actually is! Plus it's a really great size! 

Sadly, the colour of jacket really hasn't shown up well. But it's beautiful - a kind of red toned fuchsia  I'm sure to stand out in the crowd in this one. I love this jacket because of it's versatility, It can be thrown over jean and tee as a jacket, worn with heels and a shirt for more formal events, or used as a blazer over a dress! The jacket is from H&M for about £35 I believe, it has a smart button up front, with a tie to sinch in the waist. The picture shows how I would chose to wear it with my other new purchases! 

As you can see, I have gone a little crazy recently... so well done if you're still reading this incredibly long post! I also have some make up / cosmetic purchases which I picked up along the way, But will put them in a separate post! 

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'd love to hear what you've been buying/ eyeing up recently! Leave me a comment and let me know! 

Much love

Weekly finds

I've spent my sunday afternoon lazily browsing the net, catching up on my YouTube subscriptions, reading blogs and doing a spot of retail therapy. One of my favourite site to browse is, If you don't know what etsy is, it's a site where independent sellers can sell homemade and vintage products. From furnature to jewlery and clothes, etsy holds endless amounts of gorgeous and interesting products. I would recommend you check it out! 

Anyway, the point of writing this post was to share something brilliant I found You've all seen/bought/lusted after the Naked 2 Palette..... Now you can have it on your iphone! 

As well as the Naked palette you can get Chanel nail polish covers and a ranger of other things. I think this is a perfect way for  beauty blogger/enthusiast to express their passion through their phone! You can find this phone case here for only £9.73!

What do you have on your phone?

MUA: Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette: A Review & Swatches

MUA: Heaven and Earth : Eye shadow palette
MUA these days is a much raved about brand, I'm constantly shocked by their amazing products and tiny price tag, and I'm not the only one. Until recently I'd only tried out their lipstick and blush but I've been reading so many blogs raving about their eye shadows. I picked up the MUA Heaven and Earth palette about a month ago now, and I have used it every day, without exception! 

The Heaven and Earth palette is made up of 12 warm toned shimmery shades in a range of earthly neutral browns and light heavenly creams and vanillas shades. As you can see from the picture, the palette is biased towards the more earthly browns, rather than the lighter shades. The formulation of the product is a pressed powder, however the more shimmery shades, partiuclarly the lighter ones have a slightly mooosey/ creamy consistancy to them. Much like the old sleek palettes used to be like. 

The shadows in the Heaven and Earth palette are beautifully pigmented, and blend like a dream. With the variety of golden browns and shimmery vanilla shades, this palette has it all. I can create so many different natural looks, perfect for everyday and some gorgeous smokey eyes for night time! 

Below are swatches, with flash, of all of the shades in the palette. The left is the top row and the right is the bottom. The pale colours haven't shown up as well, due to my extremely pale skin but they are simply beautiful on the eyes. I love to use these lighter shades as a inner corner and brow bone highlight. 

I really do adore this palette, but I just wish there was a matte colour or two in there, a suitable eye brow shade would of gone down a treat for me, or maybe a matte highlight colour to balance out the shimmery shadows over the eyes. But apart from that I'm a happy camper! 

The packaging is simple and sleek, I love that it's really compact and slim, making travel really easy. The palette also comes with a slim double ended sponge applicator. I'm not a huge fan of sponge applicators , and use my own brushes, but it is a nice addition for quick on the go application. 

Once again MUA have not failed to impress me with their cheap products and great standards! This is the perfect addition to a travel make up bag or for your everyday routine. You can find the MUA Heaven and Earth eye shadow palette is superdrug stores for £4 or online here. 

What's your opinion on MUA palettes?