Nivea - Daily Essentials facial cleansing wipes : A Review

Nivea - Daily essentials - Facial cleansing wipes : A review

I hate to post two negative reviews in a row, but I'm just feeling in a ranting mood. I apologize. But it must be said, that these wipes were certainly a let down. Make-up wipes are a product that I'm never really loyal to, I tend to just pick up whatever is on sale or has a 3 for 2 or something at the time I'm shopping. However, I certainly wont be buying these again. 

Nivea daily essential cleansing wipes are said to cleanse tone and hydrate the face, while removing make - up water proof mascara. And claim to be suitable for sensitive eyes. Firstly these wipes were not as saturated with product as I liked, making it a real effort to remove make up. Which is what they're for right? The cloths had a rough texture too which left my skin feeling irritated and red. 

The effort it took to remove eye make up left my eyes sore and red after use, despite being suitable for sensitive eyes?! I think not. 

However, I do not like to waste products, so I did use them all up in the end. But I would not repurchase! 

My overall experience with Nivea in the past has been really good, and their creams are really great, especially their lighter range. So this was a bit of a let down really. 

Have you tired these? What was your experience?
And let me know what your favourite make up wipes are.