Boot's Style works - Heat Protect Spray : A Review

Boot's Style works  - Heat Protect Spray 

I mentioned the Style Works - Heat Protect Spray from Boots in my last Haul (link) and have been using it every time I've used my blow drier since, which has been a couple of weeks now. 
Firstly, I hardly ever use heat styling tools such as straighteners or curling wands, But I do blow dry my hair every time I wash it. I'm lucky enough to have naturally straight hair, and I'm normally too lazy to curl it these days. So this review of the Style Works - heat protect spray only counts for protection from blow dryer heat. 

So what do I think? The first thing about this product is the smell. OMG - it is literally the best smelling heat protectant for your hair I've smelt. It's sweet and fruity, along the same lines as the Viva la fluer perfume  However, disappointingly  the smell doesn't last. Once my hair if fully dry, the scent disspaears almost immediately. 

The Style works - heat protet spray is for use before any heat styling tool is applied to the hair, as a barrier, to protect the hair from damage. This product also claims to hold your style in place with a smooth sleek finish. I didn't fell that the product did anything to hold my styling in place, I still found I needed hair spray to control my locks. But I did find that it left my hair feeling smooth when I'd finished drying. 

For it's heat protectant properties, I don't rate it either. My hair feels drier, and lacks luster, and I didn't experienece this when using other heat protectants. Maybe it's this formulation that doesn't suit my hair, as others have claimed it worked wonders. 

I definately wouldn't repurchase as the only lasting upside was the smoothness of my hair once styled. And I used other serums and products to achieve that anyway. It was only £2.59 though, so it didn't break the bank to give it a go. 

I won't recommend this product, But I will recommend you smell it. As it does smell devine, 

Have you tired any of Boot's Style work products?