Disco Pants: AA look-a-like : A review

So you all knew how over the moon I was to find some disco pants which didn't cost the earth like the AA ones! I was totally unsure about if they would suit me or not, I had tried the ones on in Topshop numerous times and just couldn't decide if I could pull them off. I then found a pair, almost identical to the AA ones on for a fraction the price! As soon as they arrived I tried them on with my wardrobe and fell in love. I was especially impressed with how versatile and comfortable they were! 

The disappointment came when I went to wash them. I had noticed the times I had worn them that the dye had rubbed off on to my skin, not terrible, but it was certainly there. So I decided that I would carefully hand wash them incase the ink ran in the wash. And OMG! I am SO glad I did. 
I simply washed them in warm water in my sink with a bit of detergent and the water instantly turned BLACK! And then continued to drip horrible black ink over my bathroom as I left them to dry - I had wrung the water out best I can. The pictures below (excuse the poor quality) show just how bad the ink was! 

I contacted BooHoo and they assured me they were a faulty pair and they would send some more right out. But it's so irritating, goes to show sometimes spending a little more money makes the difference. 

Rant over.