17 - Supreme Shine Lipstick - Barely Blush : A Review and Swatches

17 - Supreme Shine Lipstick - Barely Blush : A Review and Swatches 
So today is a rare day. The sun is finally shining and the world is once again a happy place for me to exist! Therefore I wanted to embrace this spring-like weather with a cute girly spring lip colour today. I deleved into my collection and this is what I picked out! 
17's Supreme shine lipstick in colour Barely blush. Barely blush is a blue toned dolly pink lipstick with a shine finish. The perfect colour for a cute fresh faced look. Although this product is called supreme shine, I don't really think much of the 'shine' element of it. Yes, it's got a bit of shine and it's definately not matte, it has that kind of 'on-top-of-lip-balm' look if I'm honest. Do you know what I mean? 
Pigmentation isn't wonderful either, the colour looks 50times darker and stronger in the tube. But I actually like it. Instead of being an overpowering statement, like the colour looks, its a lovely subtle, natural pink. Definitely build-able to a stronger colour if you so wish, but I was going for the soft girly look today.
Lasting power is average - I dont expect a drug store lipstick to last through eating and drinking, I've only ever found one that does (link). This lipstick, for me is a perfect shade to keep in my handbag, it takes no precision when applying, its soft and girly so goes with any look. And 17 products are relatively cheap! 

The packaging is plastic, but has a silver metallic finish, which makes this lipstick look much more high end than it actually is! The lid does have an odd shape, which can make storage a bit of a bugger. But lets not split hairs here. 

I'm not bowled over by this product, and I wont rush back to get some more in the line. It's a relatively old line too I believe. But For a cheap girl pink which is perfect of an easy spring day - I quite like it. 

What do you think?
What's you favourite girly pink lipstick?