MAC : Studio Finish concealer : NC15 : A Review & Swatches

MAC: Studio finish concealer: NC15

I've read so many mixed reviews on the Studio finish line from MAC, that it can be difficult to work out if it's worth the money to try yourself. Thankfully, the Studio finish concealer has certainly been worth it and made it's way into my every day make up routine! 

MAC's studio finish concealer is a light and creamy concealer contained in the iconic MAC black packaging, the same size as the normal eyeshadows. However the palette is much deeper, so contains much more product! I've had mine for about 6 months and hit pan about a month ago... and it's still going strong!! 

What I love about MAC studio finish concealer  is its versatility.  The concealer works perfectly under the eyes, providing medium  to heavy coverage for dark circles, and also giving a light brightening effect. I do find that less is definitely more with this product as it can look a bit cakey and powdery.

  It also works great as a great blemish concealer, covering those pesky spots and discolouration, just a touch of product blended gently with a brush or fingers is enough to cover the majority of imperfections. The product sets as more of a matte powder and isn't greasy and pore clogging which is a bonus! Another bonus is SPF 15 formulated in the product! 

Staying power of this product is okay, personally I think this is it's biggest down fall. I find that under the eyes the product is amazing, lasting pretty much all day without budging. But on spots, especially on my T-zone it's tricky. I find that I do need to apply to these problem areas after about 4 hours as the product does tend to slide. I figure this is due to the T-zone and blemishes being more oily on the skin surface and causing the concealer to move.  Setting with a light translucent powder does help with this problem, but I do tend to reapply.

I use shade NC15, the same shade as I use in their foundation. I know you're supposed to use a shade lighter in concealer, but they don't do anything lighter. But this works a treat for me. I can't speak for any other shade, but it doesn't oxidise on my skin during the day, and stays true to it's shade. 

Overall I do really like this product, it retails at £14 and lasts forever, so is well worth its price tag. And honestly, I really haven't found anything that matches it. Yet. 

Have you tried MAC studio  finish concealer? 
What concealer do you use?! 

MUA : Undress your skin - Shimmer Highlighter : A review & Swatches

MUA : Undress your skin - Shimmer Highlighter 
: A review & Swatches 

 MUA have recently launched their undress me range of products, focusing on natural looking healthy skin. One of the out standers of this range has got to be the Undress your skin shimmer highlighter. 
The undress your skin shimmer highlighter is a light weight pressed powder formed into a beautiful wave texture in the palette. The product is designed to enhance your complexion, reflecting light giving the appearance of a radiant and healthy glow. Simply apply along the top of your cheeky bones, along the bridge of your nose and your brow bone to give your face dimension and luminosity. 

The highligher is a pale peachy pink colour with a duo finely milled duo chrome shimmer changing from silver to purple/blue hues in the light. Firstly I though that this shimmer was an over spray powder on the surface of the product, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the simmer is throughout the product! The formulation is so beautiful and pigmented, it only take a light touch to achieve a beautiful highlight. So obviously this palette is going to last forever! 

The packaging the MUA products is normally black, however the undress me line seems to have adopted a white packaging. I'm not sure I like the white plastic casing of these products, they dont looks as sophisticated or a clean as the black palettes, in my opinion. However, when the product is priced so well, you can tell ALL the money went into making the actual products, so I can put up with cheap packaging! 

Overall, I really love this product, and for only £2 on the MUA website (found here) you can't really go wrong! 

Have you tried any of the MUA undress me range? 



How much do you want this shirt?!

NOTD: Summer Strawberries

So yesterday was a momentous day. After a year of research, writing, late nights and standing in line for 2 hours in the freezing cold, I finally handed in my dissertation! It was such an achievement and after so many hours of working on my project, I was really happy with the out come! So today I rewarded my hard work with a day of being lazy-as-hell! and the only constructive thing was to paint my nails. 

I created these adorable strawberries with the help of the end of a pencil and a very shaky hand. The polishes I used are listed below; 

L'oreal : colour riche - 208: Chic Pink
Rimmel :  Nail tip whitener
Kiko : Mint Milk
Kiko : Olive Drab

To any of you lovely people out there still working on final year projects and dissertations, best of luck, It will all be worth it! 

Much love

Nivea - Daily Essentials facial cleansing wipes : A Review

Nivea - Daily essentials - Facial cleansing wipes : A review

I hate to post two negative reviews in a row, but I'm just feeling in a ranting mood. I apologize. But it must be said, that these wipes were certainly a let down. Make-up wipes are a product that I'm never really loyal to, I tend to just pick up whatever is on sale or has a 3 for 2 or something at the time I'm shopping. However, I certainly wont be buying these again. 

Nivea daily essential cleansing wipes are said to cleanse tone and hydrate the face, while removing make - up water proof mascara. And claim to be suitable for sensitive eyes. Firstly these wipes were not as saturated with product as I liked, making it a real effort to remove make up. Which is what they're for right? The cloths had a rough texture too which left my skin feeling irritated and red. 

The effort it took to remove eye make up left my eyes sore and red after use, despite being suitable for sensitive eyes?! I think not. 

However, I do not like to waste products, so I did use them all up in the end. But I would not repurchase! 

My overall experience with Nivea in the past has been really good, and their creams are really great, especially their lighter range. So this was a bit of a let down really. 

Have you tired these? What was your experience?
And let me know what your favourite make up wipes are. Disco Pants: AA look-a-like : A review

So you all knew how over the moon I was to find some disco pants which didn't cost the earth like the AA ones! I was totally unsure about if they would suit me or not, I had tried the ones on in Topshop numerous times and just couldn't decide if I could pull them off. I then found a pair, almost identical to the AA ones on for a fraction the price! As soon as they arrived I tried them on with my wardrobe and fell in love. I was especially impressed with how versatile and comfortable they were! 

The disappointment came when I went to wash them. I had noticed the times I had worn them that the dye had rubbed off on to my skin, not terrible, but it was certainly there. So I decided that I would carefully hand wash them incase the ink ran in the wash. And OMG! I am SO glad I did. 
I simply washed them in warm water in my sink with a bit of detergent and the water instantly turned BLACK! And then continued to drip horrible black ink over my bathroom as I left them to dry - I had wrung the water out best I can. The pictures below (excuse the poor quality) show just how bad the ink was! 

I contacted BooHoo and they assured me they were a faulty pair and they would send some more right out. But it's so irritating, goes to show sometimes spending a little more money makes the difference. 

Rant over.

Boot's Style works - Heat Protect Spray : A Review

Boot's Style works  - Heat Protect Spray 

I mentioned the Style Works - Heat Protect Spray from Boots in my last Haul (link) and have been using it every time I've used my blow drier since, which has been a couple of weeks now. 
Firstly, I hardly ever use heat styling tools such as straighteners or curling wands, But I do blow dry my hair every time I wash it. I'm lucky enough to have naturally straight hair, and I'm normally too lazy to curl it these days. So this review of the Style Works - heat protect spray only counts for protection from blow dryer heat. 

So what do I think? The first thing about this product is the smell. OMG - it is literally the best smelling heat protectant for your hair I've smelt. It's sweet and fruity, along the same lines as the Viva la fluer perfume  However, disappointingly  the smell doesn't last. Once my hair if fully dry, the scent disspaears almost immediately. 

The Style works - heat protet spray is for use before any heat styling tool is applied to the hair, as a barrier, to protect the hair from damage. This product also claims to hold your style in place with a smooth sleek finish. I didn't fell that the product did anything to hold my styling in place, I still found I needed hair spray to control my locks. But I did find that it left my hair feeling smooth when I'd finished drying. 

For it's heat protectant properties, I don't rate it either. My hair feels drier, and lacks luster, and I didn't experienece this when using other heat protectants. Maybe it's this formulation that doesn't suit my hair, as others have claimed it worked wonders. 

I definately wouldn't repurchase as the only lasting upside was the smoothness of my hair once styled. And I used other serums and products to achieve that anyway. It was only £2.59 though, so it didn't break the bank to give it a go. 

I won't recommend this product, But I will recommend you smell it. As it does smell devine, 

Have you tired any of Boot's Style work products? 

Marble Nails : As seen on

Marble Nails
So I was just pursuing my blog reading list feed last night and came across this little tutorial on the beautiful AshlyLondon's blog. And of course I couldn't resist trying it out! 

Along the vein of enjoying the wonderful weather today, I chose some brights to play with.
The polishes I chose to use were;
 - Maybelline Color Show - Speeding Light - Review here
 - Kiko nail lacqure - Mink Milk - Review here

Take a look at Ashly's blog to find out how you can recreate this look too. And lots of other great beauty and fashion posts! Link below;

What do you think?
Make sure to head over to!

17 - Supreme Shine Lipstick - Barely Blush : A Review and Swatches

17 - Supreme Shine Lipstick - Barely Blush : A Review and Swatches 
So today is a rare day. The sun is finally shining and the world is once again a happy place for me to exist! Therefore I wanted to embrace this spring-like weather with a cute girly spring lip colour today. I deleved into my collection and this is what I picked out! 
17's Supreme shine lipstick in colour Barely blush. Barely blush is a blue toned dolly pink lipstick with a shine finish. The perfect colour for a cute fresh faced look. Although this product is called supreme shine, I don't really think much of the 'shine' element of it. Yes, it's got a bit of shine and it's definately not matte, it has that kind of 'on-top-of-lip-balm' look if I'm honest. Do you know what I mean? 
Pigmentation isn't wonderful either, the colour looks 50times darker and stronger in the tube. But I actually like it. Instead of being an overpowering statement, like the colour looks, its a lovely subtle, natural pink. Definitely build-able to a stronger colour if you so wish, but I was going for the soft girly look today.
Lasting power is average - I dont expect a drug store lipstick to last through eating and drinking, I've only ever found one that does (link). This lipstick, for me is a perfect shade to keep in my handbag, it takes no precision when applying, its soft and girly so goes with any look. And 17 products are relatively cheap! 

The packaging is plastic, but has a silver metallic finish, which makes this lipstick look much more high end than it actually is! The lid does have an odd shape, which can make storage a bit of a bugger. But lets not split hairs here. 

I'm not bowled over by this product, and I wont rush back to get some more in the line. It's a relatively old line too I believe. But For a cheap girl pink which is perfect of an easy spring day - I quite like it. 

What do you think?
What's you favourite girly pink lipstick?

DIY: Homemade Oatmeal Face Mask

DIY: Homemade Oatmeal Face Mask 

I've used this little mask for years now. It's a really simple and easy way to nourish and treat your skin to a little TLC. All you need is some oatmeal, and water. So it's also a cheap alternative to all those posh and pricey masks and treatments.

1. Take just under a 1/3 Cup of oatmeal, about a handful will do nicely. I use a measuring cup becuase it makes adding water easier than holding it your hand. But either way will work. 
2. Next run some warm water into cup and let sit for about a minitue for all the oats to soak it up and become all milky with goodness.
3. Rub all over your face in small circles , avoiding your eyes and allow to sit for about two minitues. 
Warning - this can be a bit messy, so do make sure you it over a sink. 
4.After two minitues - simple rinse off with warm water and pat dry. 

And thats it!

This mask is lovely. Oatmeal is known for its moisturizing properies, you'll notice that once you add the water, the oatmeal will make the water and white milky, which contains lots of yummy vitamins to nourish and moisturise the skin! Oatmeal also has a lovely soothing and calming effect, So if you're suffering from break outs or redness  this mask will help reduce these signs. By rubbing this mask in circular motions over your face, the oats will work as a mild exfoliant too, helping to rid your skin of dead and dull cells, reveling new healthy skin.

Another quick tip for those with acne - adding a little bit of honey! Honey has natural anti-bacterial properties which works wonders on spots. As well as being kind to skin!

Let me know if you try this and how you get on?
Do you use any home make masks or remedies? 

February Favourites

February Favourites 
Everyone seems to be saying it, but hasn't february gone by SO quickly?! It's insane. But to mark the end of the month I thought I'd share a few of my favourites with you. Sorry again about the photo quality, the lack of good natural sunlight in England at the moment is becoming a pain!'s what I've been loving in February.

St Moriz - Instant Self Tanning Mousse - Medium
I don't know about you, but I am completely over being cold. The English weather is horrendous, rain-snow-hail-rain-wind-and rain again. So I am combatting the horrible conditions head on by pretending it's summer. I love the way I feel when I've got a bit of a tan, clothes and make up all looks better. I'm happier and more confident too. I love this tanner, It's been a favourite for a while, I've been through so much of the stuff now! To see a full review - Click here

MUA - Heaven and Earth Eye Shadow Palette
A relatively new purchase, and I've used it everyday since I got it! I love the variety of tones and finishes in this palette, makes a boring neutral look a bit more fun to do again! I'll do a full review soon,  as I'm still yet to try some of the shades. 

MAC - Blush - Stunner
An old favourite and a great everyday blush. The colour does not show true at all in the picture. But this blush is a soft rosey pink which goes perfectly with any look, 

Botanics - Shine away  Mattifying Gel cream
Another new purchase that I've been loving. This gel cream is gorgeously light and hydrating, and is the perfect base for foundation and make up. See a full review here

Bourjois - Healthy Mix Serum - Vanilla
I reviewed this foundation in my previous post - click here. I'm really loving using a light foundation at the moment, and the natural finish this product has. I've used it pretty much every day this month, night and day. It smells delicious too. 

Clarisonic Mia 
I finally got round to purchasing a replacement brush head at the beginning of this month. And I'm so glad I do. My Clarisonic is officially a favourite again! After a few weeks now, my skin is almost through with the purging stage. Hello lovely smooth and flawless skin!  A review of the Sensitive brush head can be found here

And finally; 

Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle 
My fragrance favourite of this month is obvious, and ask me again next month and it will probably be the same. Coco Mademoiselle is such a cult favourite among women every where. I adore spritzing myself with this scent every day. It's so fresh, light and girl. The packaging is to die for too! 

So that's it folks, I hope you liked reading about what I've been loving this month. I'd love to hear what you've been loving too. Or what you think of the products I've mentioned. 

Have a beautiful day. 

Bourjois - Healthy Mix Serum - A review & Swatches

Bourjois - Healthy Mix Serum - 52 : Vanilla

I bought Bourjois Healthy mix serum a while back now, I think I used it once, put it the draw and forgot about it. My usual foundation of choice, and has been for about two years now is MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15, which is a heavy formulation with high coverage and I felt my skin needed a break. Something lighter and more breathable to give my skin a break and Bourjois Healthy Mix serum was just the ticket.

Bourjois healthy mix serum is a gel foundation containing vitamin fruit extracts promising 16 hour wear time. The product is a very light gel formulation which blends into the skin so smoothly. I've found that I need have the amount of product that I use with my normal foundation to cover my entire face. Coverage is light to medium, so in certain problem areas , it's possible you would need focus the product a bit heavier to achieve adequet coverage. I love how this foundation looks on my skin, it evens skin tone perfectly for me and the semi-matte finish, leaves a little bit of a dewy glow to the skin, making my complexion look brighter and healthier. It smells lovely too! 

Healthy Mix serum is aimed at skin that needs hydrating and a natural pick me up. This is achieved through the 'vitamin-rich fruit therapy' contense which is designed to aid a radient ,even , revived complexion with instant anti-fatigue effect. Now I am a big skeptic when products claim all these fancy ingredients help your skin. To me a foundation is a foundation, I'll rely on skin products for the rest. But I'm happy to say I'm wrong in this instant! Bourjois healty mix serum has actually impressed me, my skin feels so much healthier and looks it too, I even think it's helped clear up some of my blemishes!  

Due to the semi-matte finish - I have found that it can leave my skin looking a little more oily than usual. But nothing that a bit of extra powder doesn't fix. I'm using my beloved Rimmel Stay Matte powder in shade 001 Transparent. This also help it to stay put all day, not quite the 16 hours as promised on the bottle, but it's pretty good.

Overall, I really love this foundation, its a lovely change to heavy coverage, a bit a break for my skin. I think this will be a great summer foundation and I will definitely be buying this again when it runs out! Below is a picture of the overall look using this foundation.

Products used;
Foundation - Bourjois - Healthy Mix Serum - 52 Vanilla
Concealer - MAC - Studio finish concealer - NC15
Powder - Rimmel - Stay Matte - 001 Transparent
Eye Shadow - MUA - Heaven and Earth Palette 
Eye liner -  Maybelline - Lasting drama gel eye liner - Black
Bronzer/contour - MUA - Mosaic Bronzer - 1 Natural Glow (Reviewed Here)
Brows - Rimmel - Eye Brow Pencil - 002 Hazel
Mascara - Natural Collection - Lash build mascara - Black (Reviewed Here)
Lip Gloss - Lancome - Juicy Tube - the name has rubbed off. 

Have you tried Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation?
Whats your go-to foundation?