SuperDrug - Conditioning Cuticle Oil Pen - With Vitamin E : A Review

SuperDrug - Conditioning Cuticle Oil Pen - With Vitamin E : A Review

I used to have acrylic nails on all the time. And the top tip you're given when getting acrylics is to keep your cuticules hydrated to stop the nails from lifting. So I found this in Superdrug, for less that £2!! 

The product is no bigger than a sharpie marker, with the bottom full of the conditioning cuticle oil. The lid screws off to reveil a small brush - much like a lip stick brush - for application. On top of the lid is a rubber pad, which I assume is for pushing back the cuticles. 

I've seen a handful of reviews for this cuticle oil, but I honestly don't think it's worth it's stars. I find that the oil leaves my skin feeling tight and rubbery rather than supple and hydrated and it smells a bit funky too. However it did really help to keep my nails looking skinny and the acrylics from lifting off which was what I really wanted it for.  The screw cap also isn't that secure and it can tend to leak. And as for the rubber pad on the top it really serves no useful purpose at all, as far as my experimenting goes. 

The size of the pen makes it perfect to chuck in the bag for on the go treatment. But overall I think I'll try something else when this one is all used up. 

Have you tried the Superdrug conditioning cuticle oil pen? 
What's your favorite brand of cuticle oil?