Natural Collection - LashBuild Mascara in Black : A Review

 Natural Collection - LashBuild Mascara in Black : A Review

I've had Natural Collection's LashBuild Mascara unopened in the back of my draw for a while, but only recently got around to trying it out. I wasn't expecting much to be honest as most Natural Collection products I've tired have been mediocre, but I was actually rather impressed. 

LashBuild has a thick bushy wand which is tapered in at the tip, making it easier to get at the tiny lashes towards the inner eye. The thicker bushier end allows for easy application to the outside lashes, and holding curl as well as building impressive volume. 

The product is a little think, and takes a few applications to build up the look, however it doesn't clump my lashes together too much like cheap mascaras tend to do. 

The down side is that Natural Collection's LashBuild mascara doesn't have much staying power or curl hold. But for the price - around the £3 mark, its a bit of a bargin. 

Have you tried any of Natural Collection's Mascaras?