MUA : Mosaic Bronzer : Natural Glow : Review and Swatches

MUA : Mosaic Bronzer : Natural Glow 

If you follow my blog you would of seen that I showed you a couple of MUA products I picked up in a haul last week (link). So I thought I would share with you my thoughts on MUA Mosaic Bronzer in Shade 1 - Natural Glow.

MUA mosaic Bronzer comes in 2 shades; 1 - Natural Glow & 2 - Sunkissed Glow. Each comes with an assortment of 5 bronzed natural shades. I picked up Natural Glow, which has more of a golden undertone which is simply beautiful. The first thing I noticed about these bronzers was how pretty they are to look at. I almost didn't want to used it incase the colours smudged! 

Like all the MUA products, dont let the iddy biddy price tag fool you. For only £2.50 this bronzer is incredible. Once swirled together the colours blend to create a natural bronzed glow which would complement any skin type. The shade isn't orangey or fake, it actually gives a gorgeous glow to the skin when used as a bronzer. The bronzer isn't over shimmery either,  it simple reflects the light with a subtle highlight, creating a healthy looking glow. Pigmentation is okay, not as good as the lipsticks or eye shadows I've tired from MUA though. I personally like to use it as a contour in the hollows of my cheeks and temples. A perfect little addition to my collection for the summer months! 

Have you tried any MUA bronzers?