Boots Botanics - All Bright - Cleansing Foam Wash : A Review

Botanics - Cleansing Foam Wash - ALL BRIGHT : A Review

I was on the search for a new foaming cleanser to use with my Clarisonic, so naturally I headed straight for Boots. Currently Boots are doing some great offers on their self owned brand 'Botanics'. I decided to pick up the Botanics Cleansing foam wash - All Bright, along with some other products, that I went back for the next day, which I'm still trialling. 

Botanics, as I said is a Boots owned brand, working in partnership with Kew Royal Botanical gardens (hence the name) to utilise the natural properties and 'power of plant' in every day skin care. The All bright Cleansing Foam wash is a ' lightly foaming soap-free wash, which gently lifts away make up and impurities, leaving the skin feeling detoxified and beautifully cleansed'. Along with some more rather appealing promises such as, brightening booster, mild exfoliation , smoothing. Ooh la la. 

The product is a light creamy white gel which foams up like a monster when used with a Clarisonic and even just with your hands!  After the first use I could feel the difference to my skin. After rinsing my skin felt gorgeously soft and regenerated, and removed make up residue like a treat. I've now been using all bright cleansing foam wash for about 10 days now and I haven't noticed any huge brightening effect. But I have noticed that my skin feels cleaner and fresher after cleansing and as a result my skin has been less oily, clearing up some little outbreaks I've been experiencing recently. 

The packaging is nice too, a clean white bottle with a hint of pink looks gorgeous sitting on my sink and looks much more expensive than the £3-ish I spent on it. Plus it smells completely devine! 

Gives me big hopes for the rest of the Botanics line! 

Have you tried any Botanics products?
What should I try next?