Beauty Products Currently Living in my bag...

Beauty Products currently living in my bag ...
So I emptied my handbag today, decided it needed a good clean out so I binned handfulls of old recipts, bus tickets and gum wrappers. Put away bunches of pens, pencils and highlighers. But what really shocked me was the amount of beauty products I had in there! No wonder I'm always complaing about the weight of my bag! I even found some products I had forgotten I had!

So here's what I had in there;

Lip Products;
No.7 - Liplicious ultra shiny lip gloss - shade unknown. 
This lips gloss is literally SO old. It probably needs to be thrown out, however I do like the colour. I can't tell you the colour, as its all worn off - yes its that old. I think it's a dicontiuned line as well. The colour is a soft girly pink with LOADS of sparkle. The only down side is that it's pretty sticky and gets everywhere. 

17 - Lasting fix Lipstick - Showcase.
This is the lipstick I'm wearing today. My favourite bright red. For a full review click here.

Kiko - Smart Lipstick - 96 Pink
One of my all time favourite nude lipsticks. Not so nude that it's pointless or too pale that I look like a corpse. A perfect ' your lips but better ' colour. Full review here.

Vaseline Lip Therapy - Aloe Vera
Pretty standard handbag edition - good for lips, cuticles, dry elbows and heels. A must have. 

The Body Shop - Born Lippy - Pink Guava
I literally have no idea how long this has been in my bag. I think it was a stocking filler a year or so ago and I completely forgot I had it. Basically its a fruity / sparkly light orange lip balm / gloss. Cute and sweet.

Rimmel - Apocalips - Galaxy
I picked this up a few days ago and I've been testing it out. So far I'm really loving it. Especially the colour. But like all Rimmel lip products it has that horrible fake sweet smell. Does anyone know what that is?! I'll do a full review after I've had a bit more time to play with it. 

Natural Collection - Tinted lip balm
Oh my goodness - I have so many lip products it's crazy ( hashtag cray ). Again I don't know the actual colour of this lip balm. It's more like a gel gloss to be honest, rather than a lip balm. As far as I can tell it had no benefits to the lip. Just adds some shine and gloss - the colour doesnt show up so I just use it as a clear gloss to add a shine. 

Face Products
Rimmel - Stay Matte Powder - 001 Transparent
My all time favourite powder, I've been using it for donkeys years. So this is probably like my 20th pan of the stuff. It works great, keeps my make up in place and the shine at bay. Is it me or does there seem to be a bit of hype from the beauty community about this rather old product at the moment? I was thinking about doing a review, but it's not new or exciting... .what do you think?

Bourjouis - Healthy Mix Serum - 52 Vanilla
I'm currently trailing this foundation, and I put it in my bag so I could write up a review for it at some point when I got the chance this week. In summary , I'm loving this foundation , its light weight, medium coverage and makes a nice change from my usual MAC foundation. Full review coming soon. 

MUA - Blusher - Shade 1
A lovely little blush, for a lovely little price. I'm a big fan of MUA and this blush is a perfect sunny day blush. It's a lovely pale girly pink with a little shimmer, leaving no need to apply high ligher. A great go to blush. 

Stila - All over shimmer Duo - Kitten
I've recently hit pan on this product, and I almost cried. The palette contains two pans one with Stila's classic Kitten Eye shadow. And another shade which doesn't have a name which is a bronzed plum shade which is great for a bonzer or high light. Maybe I'll review this one too!

Maybelline - Color Show - 183 Speeding light
I did my nails on the bus this morning. My current NOTD.
Link here

Superdrug - Conditioning Cuticle Oil Pen With Vitamin E
I keep this handy little pen in my handbag all the time to keep my cuticles nourished and hydrated all the time. A cheap purchase, but very useful. 

Ted Baker - Body Spray 
I'm not sure what scent this actually is. But it's out of one of those Ted Baker Christmas gift boxes. I like to keep a body spray handy to freshen up through out the day. You never know who you might meet. This one is a sweet, yet sour sugary treat for your skin. yum yum. 

This was actually rather fun to see what was hiding in my hand bag. I'd love to see what you've got lurking in your handback. Please leave me your blog links in the comments so I can take a look.