Banish those breakouts: PART I

Banish those Breakouts: Part I

Recently I've had a series of breakouts, not big monstrous breakouts, but lots of tiny ones which refuse to budge. We all know how frustrating it is knowing you're skin isn't how you'd like it to look. Especially when you're doing all you can to keep it clear, with cleansers, lotions, spot treatments etc. 
Finally my breakouts are going, and I thought I'd share with you a few tips on how to banish those blemishes, and create a mini series.  

Okay, So some of theres are no brainers, but when your spots are refusing to budge, the simple things really go a long way to help.

1. Wash your bed linnen. During the night your body sweats to maintain a constant temperature so your sheets, especially your pillow cases get clogged up with all that yuk. If you've got breakouts now, they will leave traces of oils and bacteria on your pillow case, just waiting to reinfect your pores. So keep those sheets clean! 

2. Wash your hands. Now, I know it sounds obvious. We touch our faces on average about 2-4 times a minute! A MINUTE  We don't even realise that we do it. But if you've got spots and you're touching your face over and over, that bacteria will just keep on spreading. As well as putting all the nasty bacteria we pick up from touching everything else around us. Think about it. 

3. Remove your make up properly. We're all guilty of doing it, that can't be arse attitude right before bed, leading to us sleeping in our make up. All the stuff we plaster on our face in the morning seriously clogs up our pores, preventing sweat from leaving the skin. Sweating is the main way our body cleanses our skin, ridding it of all the bad stuff. So clean skin at bed time will allow your skin to breathe and take care of all the bad stuff on it's own!

4. Clean your brushes regularly. If you're suffering from breakouts or not, this is a hygine issue. Every time that brush touches your face, it's picking up bacteria, and using a brush over and over just transfers it back on to your face. And you don't want that. I advise using a mild/baby shampoo to clean your brushes, it works just as well as the expensive brush cleansers, at a fraction of the price.

5. Clean/Change your make up pump. I'm talking about the pumps that you buy from MAC (and other places) to dispense liquid foundation from a glass jar. These are great and make for ease of use and make a product last so much longer! However, If you're like me, when I run out of product, I just take the pump out of the old jar and pop it right into the new one. I now clean mine between every new jar, simple mixing a make up cleanser with some warm water and pumping it through until it runs clear. This rids it of all the junk that's clogged up in there. 

6. Drink more water. Every beauty/health/fitness blogger will preach this at you. But it works. It's that simple - So just do it!!

I hope these tips help, let me know if there are any other tricks and tips you've discovered and look out for PART II coming soon! 

Good luck!