Date night disco pants!

Last night was date night, and I tweeted a photo of my outfit - classic mirror pic - Standard. I finally got the chance to rock my new disco pants! I love the look of disco pants and I've been looking at them for ages, trying them on in the store like a million times, and never actually buying them. I never really thought I wasn't 'hip' enough to pull it off. However, you only live once so I caved when I found a pair online which were much cheaper than the AA ones!

Date night this week was just a few drinks/cocktails out in town before heading home, so I wanted to keep it stylish yet casual at the same time. So here's what I wore;

White button Tank - H&M
High waisted button disco pants - Boohoo
Grey Zip Hoodie - Hollister
Black Blazer - Pull & Bear
Black boots - Topshop
Scarf - Vintage

I hope you liked this post, I don't normally do fashion post, and its SO hard to get a good full body shot of yourself when you have tiny arms like me :) Let me know what you think.

How do you style your disco pants? 
What do you wear for date night?

MUA : Mosaic Bronzer : Natural Glow : Review and Swatches

MUA : Mosaic Bronzer : Natural Glow 

If you follow my blog you would of seen that I showed you a couple of MUA products I picked up in a haul last week (link). So I thought I would share with you my thoughts on MUA Mosaic Bronzer in Shade 1 - Natural Glow.

MUA mosaic Bronzer comes in 2 shades; 1 - Natural Glow & 2 - Sunkissed Glow. Each comes with an assortment of 5 bronzed natural shades. I picked up Natural Glow, which has more of a golden undertone which is simply beautiful. The first thing I noticed about these bronzers was how pretty they are to look at. I almost didn't want to used it incase the colours smudged! 

Like all the MUA products, dont let the iddy biddy price tag fool you. For only £2.50 this bronzer is incredible. Once swirled together the colours blend to create a natural bronzed glow which would complement any skin type. The shade isn't orangey or fake, it actually gives a gorgeous glow to the skin when used as a bronzer. The bronzer isn't over shimmery either,  it simple reflects the light with a subtle highlight, creating a healthy looking glow. Pigmentation is okay, not as good as the lipsticks or eye shadows I've tired from MUA though. I personally like to use it as a contour in the hollows of my cheeks and temples. A perfect little addition to my collection for the summer months! 

Have you tried any MUA bronzers?

Kap Slap - Spring Break Mix 2013.

Kap Slap - Spring Break Mix 2013
Something you may not know about me; I'm a bit of a raver. I like dance, dub step , house, club , electronic... All that good stuff. And one of my favorite DJ's released his new Mash up today! And I'm so HYPED! Not only great for a night out, but for essay and report writing and especially working out!

You Need this in you life. That is all.

NOTD : Accessorize : 35 - Pink Spice - A Review & Swatches

NOTD : Accessorize : 35 - Pink Spice - A Review & Swatches

Another NOTD for you beauts today. I got this baby just before Christmas when I was on a Glitter and Shimmer Hype!!! However, due to the business of Christmas I didn't get much of a chance to enjoy this little beauty. And of course - I am a solid believer that shimmers and glitters should be adored all year round - not just over the festive period. Anyone with me?

The Accessorize make up brand is a little bit of a mystery to me, I have a few of their products and I just can't decide whether its all a gymic and a little cheap looking or if it actually qualifies as a make up brand. The one thing I think they do well however is the nail polish.

Accessorize - Pink Spice Nail polish is a gorgeous duo chrome polish. The base color is a rich plumb pink which leans more on the red side of things in my opinion. The polish is a highly shimmery and changes colour with the angle that light falls on it. In some lights its bronzed and gold and in others its more purply silver. I've attempted to catch this on camera for you. Sorry about the flash.

I adore this colour, and all its colour changes make it a great distraction during boring lectures! The finish to Accessorize polish isn't particularly glossy, so if you love that high shine, I would pop on a top coat!  I also advise two coat of the stuff as it does come up a little streaky with just one application.

As for lasting power, I'd say its decent at 2-4 days on my nails. But as I always mention - my nails are shocking!

Have you tired any of the Accessorize nail polishes?
What do make of them as a make up brand?

Boots and Superdrug Haul

Boots and Superdrug Haul
Firstly, appologies for the rubbish picture, but I thought I'd share a mini haul of the products I picked up from Boots and Superdrug this morning. 

I ran out of Make up wipes last night, so I picked up a new pack of Johnson - Daily Essentials - Oil Balancing - Facial Cleansing wipes from superdrug. I've used Johnson's make up wipes for year now, but I haven't tried this particular type though. My skin is oily and combination, so hopefully these will do the job. Plus these were on offer! 
Also from superdrug I picked up Colgate - Max White One - Mouth Wash. Again I'm out of mouth wash so I needed some more, I've used this particular one before and I seem to remember really liking it. So that's pretty simple. 
Now, One cannot go into Superdrug without perusing the MUA display can one? I finally caved and picked up an MUA Pallette in Heaven and Earth. My first impression is really good. Reminds me a lot of the Acessorize palettes, does anyone know if they're made by the same company or something? I'll give a full review when I've finished playing. 
My other MUA purchase was the MUS Mosaic Bronzer in Shade 1 - Natural Glow. I love the concept of mosaic products, swirling the colours around to give a natural look. I'm excited to try this out! 
My next stop was Boots where I picked up some deodorant, I use Sure Ultra Dry - Cotton , if you're interested haha.  Then the last thing I picked up was purely because it smells incredible. Boots Style works - heat protect spray is literally the best smelling heat protectant I've smelt. Anything to make my hair smell that good is a winner with me. Plus it's cheap! Winner! 

What have you bought recently?

SuperDrug - Conditioning Cuticle Oil Pen - With Vitamin E : A Review

SuperDrug - Conditioning Cuticle Oil Pen - With Vitamin E : A Review

I used to have acrylic nails on all the time. And the top tip you're given when getting acrylics is to keep your cuticules hydrated to stop the nails from lifting. So I found this in Superdrug, for less that £2!! 

The product is no bigger than a sharpie marker, with the bottom full of the conditioning cuticle oil. The lid screws off to reveil a small brush - much like a lip stick brush - for application. On top of the lid is a rubber pad, which I assume is for pushing back the cuticles. 

I've seen a handful of reviews for this cuticle oil, but I honestly don't think it's worth it's stars. I find that the oil leaves my skin feeling tight and rubbery rather than supple and hydrated and it smells a bit funky too. However it did really help to keep my nails looking skinny and the acrylics from lifting off which was what I really wanted it for.  The screw cap also isn't that secure and it can tend to leak. And as for the rubber pad on the top it really serves no useful purpose at all, as far as my experimenting goes. 

The size of the pen makes it perfect to chuck in the bag for on the go treatment. But overall I think I'll try something else when this one is all used up. 

Have you tried the Superdrug conditioning cuticle oil pen? 
What's your favorite brand of cuticle oil? 

Beauty Products Currently Living in my bag...

Beauty Products currently living in my bag ...
So I emptied my handbag today, decided it needed a good clean out so I binned handfulls of old recipts, bus tickets and gum wrappers. Put away bunches of pens, pencils and highlighers. But what really shocked me was the amount of beauty products I had in there! No wonder I'm always complaing about the weight of my bag! I even found some products I had forgotten I had!

So here's what I had in there;

Lip Products;
No.7 - Liplicious ultra shiny lip gloss - shade unknown. 
This lips gloss is literally SO old. It probably needs to be thrown out, however I do like the colour. I can't tell you the colour, as its all worn off - yes its that old. I think it's a dicontiuned line as well. The colour is a soft girly pink with LOADS of sparkle. The only down side is that it's pretty sticky and gets everywhere. 

17 - Lasting fix Lipstick - Showcase.
This is the lipstick I'm wearing today. My favourite bright red. For a full review click here.

Kiko - Smart Lipstick - 96 Pink
One of my all time favourite nude lipsticks. Not so nude that it's pointless or too pale that I look like a corpse. A perfect ' your lips but better ' colour. Full review here.

Vaseline Lip Therapy - Aloe Vera
Pretty standard handbag edition - good for lips, cuticles, dry elbows and heels. A must have. 

The Body Shop - Born Lippy - Pink Guava
I literally have no idea how long this has been in my bag. I think it was a stocking filler a year or so ago and I completely forgot I had it. Basically its a fruity / sparkly light orange lip balm / gloss. Cute and sweet.

Rimmel - Apocalips - Galaxy
I picked this up a few days ago and I've been testing it out. So far I'm really loving it. Especially the colour. But like all Rimmel lip products it has that horrible fake sweet smell. Does anyone know what that is?! I'll do a full review after I've had a bit more time to play with it. 

Natural Collection - Tinted lip balm
Oh my goodness - I have so many lip products it's crazy ( hashtag cray ). Again I don't know the actual colour of this lip balm. It's more like a gel gloss to be honest, rather than a lip balm. As far as I can tell it had no benefits to the lip. Just adds some shine and gloss - the colour doesnt show up so I just use it as a clear gloss to add a shine. 

Face Products
Rimmel - Stay Matte Powder - 001 Transparent
My all time favourite powder, I've been using it for donkeys years. So this is probably like my 20th pan of the stuff. It works great, keeps my make up in place and the shine at bay. Is it me or does there seem to be a bit of hype from the beauty community about this rather old product at the moment? I was thinking about doing a review, but it's not new or exciting... .what do you think?

Bourjouis - Healthy Mix Serum - 52 Vanilla
I'm currently trailing this foundation, and I put it in my bag so I could write up a review for it at some point when I got the chance this week. In summary , I'm loving this foundation , its light weight, medium coverage and makes a nice change from my usual MAC foundation. Full review coming soon. 

MUA - Blusher - Shade 1
A lovely little blush, for a lovely little price. I'm a big fan of MUA and this blush is a perfect sunny day blush. It's a lovely pale girly pink with a little shimmer, leaving no need to apply high ligher. A great go to blush. 

Stila - All over shimmer Duo - Kitten
I've recently hit pan on this product, and I almost cried. The palette contains two pans one with Stila's classic Kitten Eye shadow. And another shade which doesn't have a name which is a bronzed plum shade which is great for a bonzer or high light. Maybe I'll review this one too!

Maybelline - Color Show - 183 Speeding light
I did my nails on the bus this morning. My current NOTD.
Link here

Superdrug - Conditioning Cuticle Oil Pen With Vitamin E
I keep this handy little pen in my handbag all the time to keep my cuticles nourished and hydrated all the time. A cheap purchase, but very useful. 

Ted Baker - Body Spray 
I'm not sure what scent this actually is. But it's out of one of those Ted Baker Christmas gift boxes. I like to keep a body spray handy to freshen up through out the day. You never know who you might meet. This one is a sweet, yet sour sugary treat for your skin. yum yum. 

This was actually rather fun to see what was hiding in my hand bag. I'd love to see what you've got lurking in your handback. Please leave me your blog links in the comments so I can take a look. 


Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday afternoon!

 I thought I'd just put up a quick post to let you all know that GlitterView now has a Facebook page! 

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I would really love it if you would like and share my the GlitterView page. Plus it's another way to keep up to date with all my posts! 

Much love;

NOTD: Maybelline Color Show - 183 Speeding Light - Swatches

NOTD: Maybelline Color Show - 183 Speeding Light 

I picked this little sweet up in boots over the weekend and I've been wearing it ever since! Maybelline Color Show is a new range of polishes in an amazing array of colours and finishes its really rather impressive. Maybelline's Color Show polish in 183 Speeding Light. Speeding Light is a duo chrome electric furchia pink with a bluey purple undertone. The polish has an ultra shiny finish, with flicks of purple/blue catching the light. It's simple gorgeous.

The polish itself goes on pretty opaque with one coat, and isn't streaky at all. I would say,  it dries much like a gel finish, with high shine. The colour is so gorgeous and eye catching. I've had compliments on the shade ever since I put it on! Lasting power (so far) is pretty good, however my nails are shockingly thin and chip easily, so it's probably better if you have stronger nails.

It was so hard to get an accurate picture showing the colour of this polish, so definitely go and check it out in the store when you can. I think it's a perfect pop of colour to brighten these horrible cold and wet days we're having at the moment. I also think this will be a perfect toe nail polish when I hit the beach in the summer time. 

Over all I'm really impressed and it was only £2.99. I'm for sure heading back for some more shades.
Have you tried Maybelline Color Show polishes yet? 
What do you think? What colour should I try next? 

Boots Botanics - Shine Away - Mattifying Gel Cream

 Botanics - Shine Away - Mattifying Gel Cream : A Review

I bought Boot's Botanics - Shine away - mattifying gel cream during the Boot's Botanics sale. I needed a new Moisturiser as the one I was using just wasn't doing it for me. So I decided to pick this one up. 

Botanics Mattifying gel cream is designed to provide balanced moisture and control shine through out the day for oil and combination skin. The Shine Away Mattifying Gel cream contains natural plant products which work to refine and tighten pores, using willow bark's as a natural source of salicylic acid to reduce the appearance of blemishes. 

The cream is a light weight gel which works perfectly as a primer. As well and controlling the skin's oil production throughout the day, it helps make up stay put and look great all day. I've noticed that the oil build up on my skin has reduced, but not to the extent where my skin looks matte. Which I actually think is a good thing, as completely matte skin can look dull and dry. 
I not going to say that Botanics Shine away is a miracle product, but it does help to keep the oil at bay during the day, as well as adding a balanced amount of moisture to the skin. 
As for reducing blemishes, it's okay, again nothing spectacular, but it does certainly help to reduce a bit of the redness as well as tightening pores. 

The best point of the product I think is the how it works under make up as a primer, the other promises are nothing to write home about. I don't think I would rush to repurchase this product anytime soon. 

Have you seen my other Boot Botanics Reviews? 
Have you tried any Boots Botanics products? What do you think? 

Soap & Glory - Scrub Actually : A Review

Soap & Glory - Scrub Actually : A Review
Seems like everyone is praising Soap & Glory at the moment. So I thought I'd write a little review on Soap & Glory's Scrub Actually.  Firstly and foremost, the smell, and I honestly think this is the main reason why people purchase Soap & Glory, regardless of the product. Agreed? And I am one of these people. The smell is so intoxicatingly sweet and yummy I cannot explain. A fusion of brown sugar, almond and vanilla, it's simply amazing. 

Obviously Scrub Actually is a body scrub. The pink gel is full of course sugar particles to buff away dead skin cells to improve the appearance and surface of your skin. This product is great at this, however, due to the scrubby its being sugar, I find that they dissolve too quickly in the shower, meaning I use about double the product to work all over my body.

Apart from that, I agree with the rest of the blogging world, that Soap & Glory's Scrub actually is well worth the money and I would definitely repurchase! 

Natural Collection - LashBuild Mascara in Black : A Review

 Natural Collection - LashBuild Mascara in Black : A Review

I've had Natural Collection's LashBuild Mascara unopened in the back of my draw for a while, but only recently got around to trying it out. I wasn't expecting much to be honest as most Natural Collection products I've tired have been mediocre, but I was actually rather impressed. 

LashBuild has a thick bushy wand which is tapered in at the tip, making it easier to get at the tiny lashes towards the inner eye. The thicker bushier end allows for easy application to the outside lashes, and holding curl as well as building impressive volume. 

The product is a little think, and takes a few applications to build up the look, however it doesn't clump my lashes together too much like cheap mascaras tend to do. 

The down side is that Natural Collection's LashBuild mascara doesn't have much staying power or curl hold. But for the price - around the £3 mark, its a bit of a bargin. 

Have you tried any of Natural Collection's Mascaras?

Lush - The Godmother soap - A review

Lush - The Godmother : A Review

Lush's The Godmother Soap has got to be my all time favourite soap from Lush, and probably from anywhere to be honest. With the same scent and Lush's Snow Fairy Shower gel, this gorgeous dark pink soap smells devine, sweet and fruity much like Rockstar soap. However, this soap has a dark vanilla overall scent, combined with the sweet and fruity flavours which makes me think of hard candies. 

The Godmother lathers up well in the shower, and is perfect to used all over the body leaving skin smooth and smelling edible for the rest of the day. 

I've gone through so many of these bars, I just cant get enough.

What's your favourite Lush Soap?

Boots Botanics - All Bright - Cleansing Foam Wash : A Review

Botanics - Cleansing Foam Wash - ALL BRIGHT : A Review

I was on the search for a new foaming cleanser to use with my Clarisonic, so naturally I headed straight for Boots. Currently Boots are doing some great offers on their self owned brand 'Botanics'. I decided to pick up the Botanics Cleansing foam wash - All Bright, along with some other products, that I went back for the next day, which I'm still trialling. 

Botanics, as I said is a Boots owned brand, working in partnership with Kew Royal Botanical gardens (hence the name) to utilise the natural properties and 'power of plant' in every day skin care. The All bright Cleansing Foam wash is a ' lightly foaming soap-free wash, which gently lifts away make up and impurities, leaving the skin feeling detoxified and beautifully cleansed'. Along with some more rather appealing promises such as, brightening booster, mild exfoliation , smoothing. Ooh la la. 

The product is a light creamy white gel which foams up like a monster when used with a Clarisonic and even just with your hands!  After the first use I could feel the difference to my skin. After rinsing my skin felt gorgeously soft and regenerated, and removed make up residue like a treat. I've now been using all bright cleansing foam wash for about 10 days now and I haven't noticed any huge brightening effect. But I have noticed that my skin feels cleaner and fresher after cleansing and as a result my skin has been less oily, clearing up some little outbreaks I've been experiencing recently. 

The packaging is nice too, a clean white bottle with a hint of pink looks gorgeous sitting on my sink and looks much more expensive than the £3-ish I spent on it. Plus it smells completely devine! 

Gives me big hopes for the rest of the Botanics line! 

Have you tried any Botanics products?
What should I try next?

Clarisonic - Sensitive brush head

Clarisonic - Sensitive Skin Replacement Brush head 

 I Finally got around to purchasing a replacement brush head for my Clarisonic Mia a couple of weeks ago. I got given a Pink Clarisonic Mia, for Christmas in 2011 and I instantly fell in love with the results. 
The unit comes with one brush already,  and each brush head has a 3month life span. However, the 

I have sensitive combination skin, and suffer from mild spots and hyper pigmentation so I chose to purchase the sensitive brush head and it's perfect. The bristles aren't too firm or scratchy so don't over irritate the skin, which can make things like spots worse, as the skin goes into shock! 

The gentle exfoliation combined with a deep clean is such a treat for the skin, reviving my tired and dull skin reviling a clear and supple complexion! The Clarisonic sensitive brush head works by gently pulling impurities within the skin to the surface and clearing them away, meaning it's great at getting rid of pesky spots and after just two weeks I can see the difference ! My skin looks so much healthier and glowing. The surface of my face is visibly smoother, making foundation go on easier and last much longer! 

I've been using my Clarisonic Mia morning and night along with Boots Botanics - Cleansing Foam wash. Review coming soon! 

The Clarisonic unit itself isn't easy to get hold of on the high street here in the UK, I got mine from the US via Amazon also have a range of Clarisonic Replacement brush heads from sensitive to acne specific brushes, even one for the whole body!

The one down side is the cost, each replacement brush head is between £20 - £30!! But well worth the money, I dont know why I waited so long to replace my old one!

Which Brush head do you use?

Beauty on a Budget : Aqueous Cream

Beauty on a Budget: Part I
Aqueous Cream

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I'm a student. And yes the student life is wonderful, not many commitments, no paying taxe blah blah. But the major down side is the budget. For me, living in Oxford is expensive! So after paying my rent, I dont always have a lot of spare cash. That's where being a beauty junkie/addict/obsessed freak, It can be quite difficult to stretch the pennies. So I've come up with a series, giving tips and tricks to Beauty on a Budget! 

Want to know my cheap and cheerful secret to soft elbows and knees? Yep, Aqueous cream. Most of us has some of this stuff hiding in the back of our cupboards somewhere, and it's a great alternative for all those expensive lotions and potions for your dry bits. 

At under £5 for a tub of this thick white cream will last you FOREVER without breaking the bank. A dollop of Aqueous cream on dry knees and elbows after a shower relieves that itchy dry skin which is so irritating to all of us. As well as being great for rashes, eczema and other skin irritations.

Admittedly - it doesn't smell sweet and fruity like other more luxurious lotions, but if you're on a budget. This is the ticket.

Do you use Aqueous Cream? 

Avon - Galzewear Sparkle Lipgloss - Shimmering Amethyst

Avon - Glazewear Sparkle Lipgloss - Simmering Amethyst 

I was given this gloss a while back by a friend, it rediscovered it lurking at the bottom of my lipstick stash and figured i'd try it out. And I'm glad I did! Shimmering amethyst is a gorgeous deep berry raspberry in the tube, ram packed with silver and violet sparkles, which unfortunately  don't show up in the photos. On the lips it a build able , and very wearable colour. With a light layer, the gloss gives a beautiful pink stain, easily wearable with a neutral face. The colour can also be built to a gorgeous deep almost vampy raspberry, perfectly balanced and dramatic. 

The texture is smooth and non-tacky, but wears off fairly easily when it comes to eating or drinking, so does require a few touch-ups through out the day. The other downfall of this product is that it does stain the lips slightly, even after make up remover wipes. 

Over all, the colour is beautiful and is perfect for my pale complexion, brighten with a dolly pink blush such as MAC - Well Dressed. As of last week, this little beaut has taken up permeant residency in my bag. 

I love discovering forgotten treasures in my make up collection! 

Banish those breakouts: PART I

Banish those Breakouts: Part I

Recently I've had a series of breakouts, not big monstrous breakouts, but lots of tiny ones which refuse to budge. We all know how frustrating it is knowing you're skin isn't how you'd like it to look. Especially when you're doing all you can to keep it clear, with cleansers, lotions, spot treatments etc. 
Finally my breakouts are going, and I thought I'd share with you a few tips on how to banish those blemishes, and create a mini series.  

Okay, So some of theres are no brainers, but when your spots are refusing to budge, the simple things really go a long way to help.

1. Wash your bed linnen. During the night your body sweats to maintain a constant temperature so your sheets, especially your pillow cases get clogged up with all that yuk. If you've got breakouts now, they will leave traces of oils and bacteria on your pillow case, just waiting to reinfect your pores. So keep those sheets clean! 

2. Wash your hands. Now, I know it sounds obvious. We touch our faces on average about 2-4 times a minute! A MINUTE  We don't even realise that we do it. But if you've got spots and you're touching your face over and over, that bacteria will just keep on spreading. As well as putting all the nasty bacteria we pick up from touching everything else around us. Think about it. 

3. Remove your make up properly. We're all guilty of doing it, that can't be arse attitude right before bed, leading to us sleeping in our make up. All the stuff we plaster on our face in the morning seriously clogs up our pores, preventing sweat from leaving the skin. Sweating is the main way our body cleanses our skin, ridding it of all the bad stuff. So clean skin at bed time will allow your skin to breathe and take care of all the bad stuff on it's own!

4. Clean your brushes regularly. If you're suffering from breakouts or not, this is a hygine issue. Every time that brush touches your face, it's picking up bacteria, and using a brush over and over just transfers it back on to your face. And you don't want that. I advise using a mild/baby shampoo to clean your brushes, it works just as well as the expensive brush cleansers, at a fraction of the price.

5. Clean/Change your make up pump. I'm talking about the pumps that you buy from MAC (and other places) to dispense liquid foundation from a glass jar. These are great and make for ease of use and make a product last so much longer! However, If you're like me, when I run out of product, I just take the pump out of the old jar and pop it right into the new one. I now clean mine between every new jar, simple mixing a make up cleanser with some warm water and pumping it through until it runs clear. This rids it of all the junk that's clogged up in there. 

6. Drink more water. Every beauty/health/fitness blogger will preach this at you. But it works. It's that simple - So just do it!!

I hope these tips help, let me know if there are any other tricks and tips you've discovered and look out for PART II coming soon! 

Good luck!