NOTD: Barry M Nail Paint: Pink Silver Glitter

NOTD: Barry M Nail Paint: Pink Silver Glitter

Today I'm heading out for lunch with a group of my favourite girls, whom I grew up with. So in anticipation of a girlie day of catching up and copious amounts of giggling, I chose a nail polish to match the occasion. 

This bubbly girlie polish, Is part of the Glitter polish range by Barry M. Pink Silver Glitter nail paint is  ram-packed with hundres of tiny tiny glitter particles in a mix of a baby pink and a silver. In the bottle, the polish appears to lean more to think pink and in some lights a mauve glitter. However once on the nails, I feel it leans far more to the silver glitter side, with a twinkling of subtle champagne pink within it. 

Originally I was disappointed that the polish didn't come out more to the pink side, but having worn it a couple of times I now adore how subtle this polish is. Just catching in the light, displaying a small sparkling hue of pink.

With two coats the polish becomes opaque and with a top coat lasts about 3-5 days without chipping. Thats on my nails anyway. 

And for just £2.99 from Boots. It's a Beaut.

Whats your favourite glitter polish?