Lush : Amandopondo Bubble Bar : A review

Lush : Amandopondo Bubble Bar : A Review

This little goodie was hidden in my stocking on Christmas Morning. I love recieving lush products at Christmas time, especially at my Parent's place, as they have a bath and I don't. I really get an chance to enjoy all the gorgeous bath products Lush have, which I'm usually dennied. 

I had never tired Amandopondo before now, but what I like about it is it's unique scent. We're all used to the over sugary sweet scents that Lush have to offer. You can't even walk past their store without being over come by it's power. This little baby has a fresh calming scent of rose flower and lemon. 

I find that to put a whole bubble bar into the tub at once is a bit wasteful. There is no need for a whole room full of bubbles, when just half, or even a quarter of the bar gives you more than enough. This bubble bar is no exception. I used just a third of the bar for my tub on Boxing day and the results we're gorgeous. 

Amandopondo gives an flurry of light and soft bubbles as the bar is crumbled into hot running water. The bubbles lasted the majority of my bath time, however I'm prone to taking unreasonably long baths, so this is nothing to go on. The water remains clear, and as far as I can tell, the bar contains not shimmer or glitter. The smell is subtle and soothing, making this bar a great choice for a relaxing soak with a cup of tea and a good book. 

Thanks Santa!