Kenzo Amour: A Review

 Kenzo - Amour Fuchsia: A Review

It's always nice to receive perfume as a gift, but even more so when it's from someone who means a lot to you. I find that scents and smells bring back memories of a certain time, place or person.

Kenzo is a name I've seen and heard about, but have never actually smelt before...

Firstly the bottle, just wow. Taking on the an elegant flowing form, the bottle reminds me of a flower stalk, or even the female body. Which looks to be more of a decor piece rather than a perfume. I personally love displaying perfume bottles in my room, and I can't wait to add this to my collection when I return to Oxford. To make it even better, the colour, an exotic fuchsia colour is beautiful and girly, please note however, Kenzo Amour comes in 3 different coloured bottles (Fuchsia, orange and white), but all contain the same scent! Don't be confused like I was at first! 

The scent is gorgeously likeable and powdery with a strong focus on vanilla musk notes (my favourite) combined with exciting frangipani and japanese cherry blossom flavours. All infused together making this perfume and exotic cocktail which reminds me to hot summer nights and far off places. Wearing it just makes me want to trade up this ugly English weather and jump on a plane and live on an exotic island. Whose coming?!

Next time I'm out, I'll have to take a sniff of other Kenzo scents, if they're anything like this, I'm bound to be hooked!  Have you tried any of Kenzo's perfumes?!

'Un voyage d'amour - a journey of love'  Such a special gift from someone so special.