From Mummy's Jewellery box : Vintage Earrings

From Mummy's Jewellery Box: Vintage Earrings

I love coming back to my parent's place at Christmas. With two women in the house, there's double the Make-up and double the jewellery = double the fun! I thought I would share with you one little treasure that came out of my mother's jewellery box this Christmas. 

Simple but striking, these oversized earrings are simply to die for. The Stud is a rounded gold square with a large black enamel cross in the centre. These earrings caught my eye instantly and  I've worn them on several occasions this Christmas. I love how the over sized stud gives a bold statement, whilst the gold and black combo is so classic and elegant. I think they work perfectly to glam up any simple black outfit! And I am partial to a little bit of vintage! The earrings however, are rather large, so they can feel little heavy after a long period of time but that hasn't stopped me yet! 

My mother first had these when she was my age, and they're honestly not that different than the styles I see in high street stores today. It shows that everything comes back into style eventually  so keep hold of thoes little gems, one day your future daughter may take a liking to them. It's the best kind of recycling!

Thanks Mum!