Body Shop - Ginger Sparkle Christmas Gift set: Review.

Body Shop: Ginger Sparkle Gift Set 

In my opinion, The body shop outdid themselves this year with their Christmas collection. Focusing on 3 main festive scents, Ginger, Vanilla and Cranberry. Nothing smelt more like Christmas than their store during the Christmas Shopping rush. I resisted the temptation to endulge myself and rather focused on my loved ones, I hadn't purchased any of this exciting collection for myself. 

I was overjoyed on the receipt of this  beautifully packaged gift from a very close friend who obvously knows me well. Combining my love for beauty cosmetics and gingerbread house construction. 

The set includes; Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel 250ml, Ginger Sparkle Body polish 75ml, Ginger Sparkle Body butter 50ml and Ginger Sparkle Soap bar 40g. All packaged up in a oversized gingerbread man shaped tin (Tins are always useful).

Firstly, I must mention the overwhelming smell that leaks from the tin, before even opening it! A gorgeously rich and sugary ginger scent fills the air.  Secondly, the size of the products is fantastic for a gift set, where you normally only received a tester sized product! I'm impressed.

I've only had the chance to enjoy the Body Polish, which I used this morning and can still smell on my skin, keeping my festive spirit alive! The only disappointment was that it didn't include the Ginger Sparkle hand cream. I'm a bit of a Hand cream addict. However their SALES have just started, so I may have to go and pick up one myself.