My dream New Years Eve Outfit.

My dream New Years Outfit 2012.
It's that time again, Christmas has been and gone, and we're getting ready to welcome the new year. For this important occasion I dreamed up my perfect outfit, shown in the image above. I'm going for a classically glamourous look, with an aim to beautifully understated, with bold red lips and sparkly shoes. 

However, unfortunately money doesn't grow on trees.... So This is just a dream. 

Black Shift Dress - Ralph Lauren 
Three Strand pear necklace - Astley Clarke 
Gold cage heels - Charlotte Rousse 
Gia Studded clutch - Michael Kors 
Iced Lotus Blush - Clinique

Wishing you all a lovely New Year and a very Happy 2013. 


The Body Shop - Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion - Review

The Body Shop - Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion

Following my previous post expressing my love for The Body Shop's winter collection I couldn't help myself from picking some of their products up in the sales. I've had my eye on the Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion since it first came out. If you like strong, rich Vanilla scents, like me, then this baby is for you. Infused with community fair trade shea butter, this lotion is a thin yet indulgent lotion, which is great for those Winter weather dry patches. The scent defiantly has some staying power, I've been sniffing my skin all day, looking like a man woman. 

The added bonus about this product is that it'scrammed full of tiny silver shimmers which illuminate your skin. Which might not be to everyone's taste, but for this time of year, I think I would look fab rubbed across your neck and shoulders at those new Years eve parties. Or rubbed all over your legs for irresistible and glamourous silky pins.

The perfect self indulgent gift, and only £4 in the sale! 

Juicy Couture - La Fluer - Rollerball, Lip gloss Duo - Review

 Juicy  Couture - Viva la Juicy La Fleur - Rollerball/lipgloss duo

I did a spot of sale shopping this morning and stumbled into Debenhams with the thought of picking up a few bargains, where this little delight caught my eye. I've never really paid much attention to Juicy Couture scents, except from admiring the gorgeous packaging, I'd never really smelt them. 

My eyes have now been opened and I'm in love. This handbag-sized duo wand contains two products, firstly a 5ml Perfume rollerball and secondly a 17fl oz lipgloss. Perfect for a touch of girlies on the go. 

Viva La Juicy - La Fleur is a deliciously playful and scandalous scent. With top notes of Wild Berries, Sparkling Mandarins and water lilly, on a base of caramel, creamy vanilla and sandalwood  The rich dark scent had me instantly dreaming of long summer evenings and cheeky first dates. 

The perfume is the real star of this product, but the lip gloss is a lovely added bonus, making this due a perfect treat for your purse. The lip gloss is a purple toned rosy pink with a silvery shimmer, the pigmentation isn't great, but I think it makes this due more useable on an every day basis and for quick touch ups. The product is a little tacky, but seemed to last a good amount of time on me. I also smells devine - bonus!

I love this product, and will certainly be on the look out for the full sized La Fleur scent when the summer rolls around again. I loved this product so much that I picked up a couple for gifts to for friends, and for only £9.99, could you say no?!

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur Eau De Toilette Spray 75m

Body Shop - Ginger Sparkle Christmas Gift set: Review.

Body Shop: Ginger Sparkle Gift Set 

In my opinion, The body shop outdid themselves this year with their Christmas collection. Focusing on 3 main festive scents, Ginger, Vanilla and Cranberry. Nothing smelt more like Christmas than their store during the Christmas Shopping rush. I resisted the temptation to endulge myself and rather focused on my loved ones, I hadn't purchased any of this exciting collection for myself. 

I was overjoyed on the receipt of this  beautifully packaged gift from a very close friend who obvously knows me well. Combining my love for beauty cosmetics and gingerbread house construction. 

The set includes; Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel 250ml, Ginger Sparkle Body polish 75ml, Ginger Sparkle Body butter 50ml and Ginger Sparkle Soap bar 40g. All packaged up in a oversized gingerbread man shaped tin (Tins are always useful).

Firstly, I must mention the overwhelming smell that leaks from the tin, before even opening it! A gorgeously rich and sugary ginger scent fills the air.  Secondly, the size of the products is fantastic for a gift set, where you normally only received a tester sized product! I'm impressed.

I've only had the chance to enjoy the Body Polish, which I used this morning and can still smell on my skin, keeping my festive spirit alive! The only disappointment was that it didn't include the Ginger Sparkle hand cream. I'm a bit of a Hand cream addict. However their SALES have just started, so I may have to go and pick up one myself. 


The perks of being a WallFlower...

On loan from a co-worker, The Perks of being a WallFlower was the 11th book in my 1-book-a-month resolution for 2012. 

A quick and easy read which follows Charlie's first year of High school via a series of letters, addressed to you, the reader. 

Overall it's not exactly a happy story, but follows Charlie's experience of not being in the 'popular' crowd, and experiencing  parties, drinking, smoking, drugs and girls all in an attempt to 'participate' in life. 

If you're looking for an easy and mindless read about the trials of High School love and drama, then give this one ago. Or just watch the movie;  have not seen it yet, (as I'm adamant to read books before seeing films) but I plan to do so soon. 

I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas. 

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas.

I'm finally home for the Holidays and I'm loving every moment of the fest build up to the big day. Decorating, baking, seeing friends and eating a lot of Chocolate! Although this season nothing makes me feel more festive that this little treat. 

Cherries on Snow is by far my favourite festive scent of Yankee Candle. Described as; 'An enchanted, sparkling blend of bright, juicy cherries with sweet almonds and an icy freshness.' What more can you want? This baby fills my room with a rich sweet and spicy which lingers for hours after burning. I'm in love. I want more! 

Whats your favourite Festive candle scent?

17 - Lasting Fix Lipstick - SHOWCASE

I've been completely and utterly seduced this season by the red lip. Those frosty evenings with sultry smokey eyes and that enticing crimson smile, and those fresh faces days with that pop of festive cheer. I'm in love. There are 3 favourites I keep reaching for these season, So I figured I'd follow the Red Lip Loving bloggers before you and share my goodies...

First up is 17's Lasting Fix Lipstick in shade SHOWCASE. A great dupe for MAC's Russian Red in my opinion this lipstick ticks the boxes for me. A beautiful cherry red, with a gorgeous glossy finnish, and as the name suggests... this baby really lasts. And under £5!!

Indulge yourself this Christmas time... 
ClaireRebecca. x

Winter curls.

Recently I've been loving wearing my hair in loose messy curls, matched with a big cosey knitted jumper and boots! A cute and cosey look for the freeeeeezing winter months! 

Literally takes me 5mins to style my hair, all you need is LOTS of mouse, some velcro rollers, a curling wand and LOTS of hair spray, and voila! 

Peace and love.



It's not always easy to decorate and begin the Christmas festivities whilst living in halls and studying for exams. Yet with another 2weeks before I can head home for Christmas break I'm doing the best I can ....