John Freda Go Blonder - Shampoo and Conditioner: A Review.

This product has received loads mixed reviews from beauty bloggers from ages; ranging from best product ever to skin breakouts and hair destroying! But curious as ever, I decided I needed to trying. I'm constantly trying to lighten my bleached hair - as it's NEVER EVER blonde enough (my hairdresser disagrees) and with a Boots 3 for £10 on hair care I couldn't resist. 

Initially I saw vast improvements in the colour of my hair, it was brightened from the first wash - I was amazed. However, I found using this product every wash did nothing to improve the colour, even perhaps a counter effect. I switched to using it every few washes and the benefits were much more obvious! 

I also found using this product every wash made my hair dry and brittle feeling, even after a smothering with the conditioner. 

Despite the first obvious improvement in colour, I was pretty disappointed in this product and wont be repurchasing. But with all the mixed reviews, I think its very dependant on the individual. Maybe you should give it a go....