KIKO: Ultra Glossy Stylo in Apple Blossom

I visited the wonderful place that is Westfield Shopping centre in Sheppards Bush a while back where I wondered into KIKO. If you read my blog you'll already know I'm a MASSIVE fan of KIKO Cosmetics. And I picked up this little beaut.

Ultra Glossy Stylo is a lipstick/lipgloss formation which packs a the perfect amount of pigment. The colour is a beautiful deep rose colour with bluey undertones. A little too dark for everyday - as I find dark lips hard to pull off during the day. But I adore this colour for a sultry night time look. Once again I feel KIKO miss the mark on the naming - 813 Apple Blossom - but I fell in love instantly. 

With the colour comes a gorgeous glossy sheen which makes it perfect for a night out with the girls as you don't have to try and squeeze a gloss into your clutch as well. Wear time is okay - nothing special.

For only £5 and the added bonus of SPF15 this beaut is a winner.

Have you tried KIKO cosmetics yet?
What's your favourite product?


Wish List: August

So I thought I might start a little mini series on thing I'm lusting after during the month. As this month is financially very tight for me (Hurry up student loans!) I needed to find an outlet for these cravings rather than handing over the dosh. 

I've been looking for a handbag for over a year now - YES OVER A YEAR! A very long time, but I'm the kind of person who will wait out till I find 'perfection' rather than waste me monies on something kinda-okay. However it always seems that I find 'perfection' when I have zero funds. 

But here's what I'm drooling over currently....

Combined Shopper 
Zara UK .  Black .  £39.99
(Available in Red - amazing)

Boston Micro
C√ČLINE . Black/Tan . £???
( Available in every colour imaginable )
N.B - I cant seem to locate a genuine GBP price or retailer online in the UK - Rumours that it's available from Harrods and Harvey Nicks - but I've found some pretty good replicas around the £200 mark)

What are you lusting after this month?

Next - Eau De Nude: A Review

I'm a massive fan of high street store's own fragrance. If you pick carefully, you can find some gorgeous fragrances in a 'pop-in-your-handbag' size bottle for a very agreeable price! Previously I've picked up a couple of gems from Zara, So it's worth a look. 

So wondering round NEXT today, I picked up this beaut. 

Eau Du Nude
'An enticing blend of lush red fruits, voluptuous florals, powdery musks and sumptuous vanilla'

To me it's and irresistible sugar-rush of flavours, with musky undertones - very reminiscent of Chanel No.5. 
And £6.50 for 30ml this little baby will be living in my purse.


John Freda Go Blonder - Shampoo and Conditioner: A Review.

This product has received loads mixed reviews from beauty bloggers from ages; ranging from best product ever to skin breakouts and hair destroying! But curious as ever, I decided I needed to trying. I'm constantly trying to lighten my bleached hair - as it's NEVER EVER blonde enough (my hairdresser disagrees) and with a Boots 3 for £10 on hair care I couldn't resist. 

Initially I saw vast improvements in the colour of my hair, it was brightened from the first wash - I was amazed. However, I found using this product every wash did nothing to improve the colour, even perhaps a counter effect. I switched to using it every few washes and the benefits were much more obvious! 

I also found using this product every wash made my hair dry and brittle feeling, even after a smothering with the conditioner. 

Despite the first obvious improvement in colour, I was pretty disappointed in this product and wont be repurchasing. But with all the mixed reviews, I think its very dependant on the individual. Maybe you should give it a go....