St. Moriz. Instant Self Tanning Mousse: A Review

Over the last few months I've been exploring different tanning methods, some to more avail than others. So I've been on the look out for different tanners when I've been out and about. I spotted St. Moriz Instant self tanning mouse in Tesco some weeks back, and remembered reading a review on Bonjour.beaut's blog (Read Review here), and thought I would give it a whirl. 

Overall this product has given me great results, satisfying my craving for instantly golden skin! The product it self is of light textured mouse which is blended on to the skin for an instant matte tan. 

Application is easy, I've tried both with and without a mit. Without a tanning mit the product did streak at little - not surprisingly really - and gave me ghastly orange hands - which I solved with my Vanish stick trick. But I do recommend using a mitt and applying the product in circular motions.

The product gave me a even deep tan, which I was complemented on heavily - bonus! However, I did find the product dried out my skin after application leaving it feel a little powdery, so I do advise moisturizing after the tanner has dried fully. 

As for staying power, I noticed that the first shower after application did wash away that dry powdery feeling and a little bit of the colour. But overall it the colour lasts about 2-3days before noticeably fading. But of course this will vary on your skin type. I apply every 2-3 days to keep up the depth of colour. 

Overall I would definitely purchase this again, and for only £4.99, who can say no?!

Have you tried St. Moriz?