Wedding Prep; Hair & Nails.

It's officially wedding season, and my Sister is getting married tomorrow! Okay so, she's not my real sister, but she might as well be and I couldn't  be more excited! I took the 4hour trip from Oxford to my parents place in Suffolk for the big event.
My outfit has been sorted for a few weeks now, so all that was left was hair and nails! (The best parts!)

As many of you saw in my last Face-Of-The-Day, My roots were so bad I was almost a Brunett!  Something had to be done! A visit to the salon saw the revival of the Blonde girl I'm used to.
However, I only had the highlight on the roots, as I seem to have  destroyed my hair using 'Sun-in' bleach. And my stylist refused to put the bleach through the length of my hair! Whoops. So Please - take my advice, steer clear of that stuff!!  Unless you want seriously destroyed hair. *weeps*

Despite that, I'm happy to be brightened up and highlighted for the summer. I am a blonde once again! Hurrah!

Nails was the next port of call was the nails. My nails are too weak for gels, (even though I know they are less damaging), so I went for acrylics. This is the 3rd set I've had, and nothing can beat it! I can't tell you how good it makes me feel when my nails look perfect and manicured. I went for the classic french acrylics and I love them!

Are you enjoying Wedding season?
I wish all you English folk a happy Jubilee weekend!