So I'm climbing a mountain...

As I'm sure you're aware, from my recent blog posts, I've been training to get fit and healthy for the summer. As you might not be aware my efforts aren't completely in aid of that coveted bikini body. In fact, I'm in training for a Charity Challenge, which is sure to be the toughest thing I've ever done!

In September I will leave London Heathrow and head towards Morocco where I will take part in a 5day Trek from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains before climbing to the summit of Toubkal. These 5 days will consist of between 7-10 hours of trekking, and on Summit day I will climb to 4167m above sea level. 

Why do this you ask? The Charity I have chosen to support it Water aid. There are many reasons why this Charity is such a worth while organisation to support and I chose them for many reasons. One reason is - I looked at myself, I looked at my life, all the 'stuff' I have, make up, clothes all included. And It's all just the frills. Survival is food and water. And that is something we constantly take for granted.

Something so simple as water, we run a bath, we take a shower, we have a cup of tea, we wash our hair/car/dog and its so easy. But the idea that some people in this would just dont have that luxury. Not in the sense that they can't wash their hair 3times a weeks, but they can't survive. 

In our thriving technological world, we're so advanced in so many things, we over look the simple need of clean safe water. For survival, sustainment and life. 

I'm the worst in this sense, I'm constantly taking for granted what I have, and it's hard not to in the western world. But I decided that I could make a difference. So for 5days, I'm canning my fake lashes and curling iron in exchange for a pair of walking boots and a mountain. 

My goal is to raise £1400 for Water aid before I leave for that Challenge in September, I'm currently just under £1000! Which I AMAZING! I'm so grateful for people's generosity for this cause. I felt compelled to share this with you all, to share my realisation of how much we take for granted. And to perhaps insipre you to take it into your own hands to make a difference. 

Thanks for listening to my somewhat rambled rant.


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Thankyou for your generosity.