Revlon Top Speed Polish - Electric: A Review

I bought Revlon - Top Speed polish to wear to a wedding. My outfit consisted of a white dress, with bright yellow heels and coordination yellow Shall, clutch and accessories. As many of you know yellow is such a hard colour to find in a nail polish, especially in the drug store/High street store.

However, I spotted this polish in colour Electric and thought I'd give it a go for the wedding. Unfortunately I couldn't of been more disappointed with this polish!

The formulation was thin and runny which made it a nightmare to apply. It was patchy and streaky requiring 3 or more coats for opacity. Once dry I found there polish severely lacked luster and looked a bit dull really, which is strange at its a bright yellow colour! I dont feel the product was really true to colour either as on the nails it was more of a washed out yellow than a bright.
And for £6.50 it's not exactly cheap, needless to say I returned it!

Perhaps it was my bottle that was faulty as Revlon overall have a great reputation. What's your experience with Revlon Top speed polish?

Have a great weekend.