Health is Beauty!

As it's finally bikini season, many of us girls are starting to worry about that bikini body which has been hidden by that winter weight!  So instead of sweating about it, Sweat it off! 
This month I'm dedicating myself to this early morning work out to help lose weight and tone up for the beach. 
This workout will increase your heart rate and get your blood pumping ready to attack the day, as well as burning that fat! The strength training portion of this workout will strengthen and tone those long forgotten muscles, to give you a gorgeous defined bod. 

I'm also adding 3x30reps of alternate lunges and 3x10reps of extra squats to target my bum and thighs, as this is my most problematic area!

All together this workout takes me 20mins. I dont think thats asking too much! 

Wish me luck!!

Will you take on this challenge with me?