Garnier - SummerBody: A review

Good Morning ladies! Following my recent review of  Rimmel Sunshimmer tanner, I've been experimenting with dinnerent tanners.
By far, Garnier - Summer Body is now my go-to tanner.

The product is a thick white cream/gel which absorbs quickly into the skin. I apply the cream in large circular motions to avoid streaking. The cream is very moisturizing and sinks into the skin like a dream.

As well as smelling incredible, after about 3hours, (I normally apply before bed) it turns your skin a gorgeous deep bronze colour, which looks oh-so natural! It's also a very build-able colour, just add another layer each day for deeper richer tan. 

One application lasts about 5days on me, fading from about the 2nd day. But it all depends on your skin and how much you exfoliate. 

I love it so much, I'm on my second bottle! 

A must have for summer!

Whats your favourite gradual tanner?!