Toni&Guy Cleanse and Nourish: A Review

As you can probably tell, I'm a sucker for a good offer. Store's lure me in with their gorgeous products and steal my money before I've even realized what's happened. Day light robbery, I think.

However, I've been looking for some hair products that will revive my damaged hair. The abuse that my hair has recieved over the years, its not suprising that it's waving a little white flag and giving up. I've coloured my hair no end of times, since that age of 14, I've been a brunette, a red head, and signature 'emo' black hair, that most of us sported in 2005.
At 16 I made up my mind, and have been bleaching it ever since. So you can see why my hair is calling SOS. *sad face*
I've tried so many treatments, and drugstore shampoos/conditioners, which only gave me short term results and after a few washes my hair returned to the same mess as before.

So when I saw Boot's was having a 2 for £8 on selected higher end hair products, I couldn't resist. I decided on Toni&Guy's Cleans and Nourish range for Damaged hair. 
Not only does this product smells incredible, (just like the T&G salons) it's also worked wonders for my hair. 
I used the product over a week period, and after every wash my hair was smoother, softer, and much more healthy looking, than the previous wash! My matted ends we're tamed, the length was much more manageable ,and felt great!
I was very happy with this product, however I don't think it'll be a regular purchase, as without an offer, the price tag is a little too much for my student pocket.

Have you tired and T&G products, how did you find them?