Rimmel Sunshimmer - A review.

I'm a newbie to the tanning scene, which is rather shocking I know, as I am unbearable pale/anemic-looking all year round! Until now my fear of streaks and the 'Snooki Orange' look has limited me to a gradual tanner, and the single spray tan I had before my 6th Form ball. Even then, I requested the lightest colour possible, and cut the advised 'development' time short and jumped in the shower after only 4 hours rather than 8!

Don't get me wrong, I love the way a tan looks. I long for that healthy sun-kissed glow that most of us desire. Alas, This english rose complexion means that when I sun bathe, I just burn.

But It was time to man-up and try something new, So on a whim before a girls night out I grabbed Rimmel London's SunShimmer Instant tan - in colour medium Matte.

The packaging is nothing exciting, the standard bronzed looking bottle, but it's squeezy which makes dispensing easy as pie. My fist impression of the actual product was pure horror. I liken the colour to that of marmite, but I'm guessing this is normal? 
The consitancy is of a really light gel, which is non-greasy and applies to the skin easily. I recommened working fast with this product and ensure it's well rubbed over the skin to avoid streaks and patches. I employed the services of my girl friend to help me spot uneaven patches! 

Over all I did like this product, but I didnt love it. The colour is undoublably amazing and gave me that just-off-the-beach glow with a bundle of confidence to go with it. The product does indeed last 24hours, but only if you're careful not to get your skin wet, otherwise welcome ghastly streaks. I wouldnt advise this product if you are prone to throwing drinks over yourself on a night out, (which is often my situation) , despite the promise of waster resistance. 

Also another tid-bit of advice, after application pure water WILL NOT get it off your hands.  I used a Vanish stick, Worked a treat ;) 

So, feeling a little more confident with tanners now, any recommendations for what to try next?

                  ClaireRebecca <3