Mini Makeup Haul

It's finally summer! Exams have been written and assignments have been submitted, I have survived 2nd year (just)! I've never mentioned my degree really on here, but for those curious cats among you, I'm sitting Biomedical Sciences at the wonder Oxford Brookes (Sarcasm). So in light of all the celebrations, I thought a cheeky like make up binge was more than justified to reward all my hard work!

First stop was boots, where I indulged in my first essie nail polish. Recently I've been really drawn to the brights and neon trend, so I when I saw this, I had to have it.
74 - Tart Deco is a gorgeous coral/orange bright polish which goes on like a dream. Two coats are you're good to go.

I also picked up another Revlon butter in Strawberry short cake. I know these are old news now, but I'm still in love with this product. And it was on sale :)

Superdrug was my next target, where I was seduced by their 3for2 offer once again. I picked up my first Barry M lip-paint in 147 - Peachy pink. I can honestly say I have nothing like this in my collection, as honestly its not something I'd usually have the gut to try out. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised.
The colour is a virant coral/orange, much along the same tone as the nail polish. Application is matte, oh-so smooth, and has steel staying power!

I then picked up a Sleek blush 922 - Life's a peach. Are you noticing a trend? The most scariest colour in the palet, once again I own nothing like this! However once blended on the cheeks gives a gorgeous summery feel to your face. But I probably wont pair it with the lip-paint - TOO MUCH ORANGE!

 Finally, I replaced my Collection 2000 Lasting perfection, Ultimate wear concealer in shade 1-fair. An old favourite, nothing works better to cover up my dark circles and acne :)