MAC - The Odd couple: A Review

 I picked up this little beaut at The makeup store at Bicester Village a few months ago. Whereas it's probably not everyone's cup of tea, I fell in love and had to snatch it up. 
As the name suggests, the two colours combied in this MAC Mineralized eye shadow, aren't exactly an expected combination. The duo shadow consists of a gorgeous solid Purple colour and a bronzed/golden swirled with lavander and purple tones. Both colours are are extremely pigmented and blend out with ease.

The solid purple colour has blue under tones which again complement my blue eyes. I can't say I've used this much as a shadow, bright all-over-lid colours aren't really my things. However, I have used this colour (you might tell from the picture) as a caked eye-liner. I simply love wetting an eye-linner brush with water ( I use a Sigma E65 ) and pack on the colour lining my top lashes. 

The swirled shadow, when blended together makes a gorgeous bronzed/golden/copper ( however you want to describe it) colour, ram-packed with shimmer. This is fast becoming my favourite shadow! I use this colour in my crease most days, its not too dar so it doesn't look over the top, but the purple/blue under-tones really make my blue eyes pop!

This duo is also hand for creating a smokey eye with a bit of a twist. Try running the bronze shadow through the crease and packing the purple in the outer corner, creating a very dramatic look, which Is a refreshing slant on the traditional smokey eye. 

The odd couple was part of the Electroflash collection, but still available in stores. This duo may be an unexpected choice, but I think vibrant mix of colours make this a fun duo to have in your collection. I can tell you now, when I hit pan, I will definitely repurchase! 

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