BarryM Lip-Paint: Peachy Pink - A review.

Barry M Lip pain - 147 Peachy Pink.
As mentioned before in my Mini Makeup haul post not long ago, this is my first lip paint. I chose this colour as my lipstick collection is over come with pinks and nudes at the moment and I fancied something a little different. 

The product packaging is a squared black tube which sleek and elegant and looks a lot more expensive than it is! However, the tube is made of that horrible rubbery plastic, much like the NARS products, thus it constantly looks grubby and is easily scratched.

The formulation of the product is a little dry and cakey for my liking, so I apply it over a lip balm to prevent it from drying out my lips. However, I'm willing to over look this due to it's amazing pigmentation and awesome staying power. Even after eating and drinking, it wont budge! The lipstick aplies with a matte finish, but has photoed with a sheen due to the lip balm base, which I personally prefer. 

I think this is a perfect shade to add a pop of colour to any look. And will look awesome when I eventually get a tan this summer.

A big thumbs- up from me! 

What do you think of Barry M Lip paints?


Face of the Day.

Hello my lovelies, A quick FOTD for you, using the MUA lipstick I reviewed yesterday.  Elegant and soft - a perfect summer evening look. Enjoy!

Witch - Anit-belmish Tinted Moisturiser - 01 Light

Mac - Studio Fix Fluid - NC15
Collection 2000 - Lasting perfection concealer - 1 Fair
Rimmel -  Matte Pressed powder - 001 Translucent
Clairoll -  Eye brow pencil - 3 Blonde (seriously old!)
Bourjois - Delice de Soleil bronzer - 02 Medium skin
Mac - Eye shadows - Naked Lunch, Tempting, Short Shorts and Vanilla.
17 - Soft liner pen - Soft Jet
Collection 2000 - Big fake mascara - Ultra Black
MUA - Blusher - Shade 1
Benefit - Moon Beam Highlighter
MUA - Lipstick - Shade 11

P.S - I am really a blonde, even though I look Brunette/Red head in this picture! I'm getting my hair re-coloured tomorrow - Hurray! I'll let you know how it goes :) 


Snow White and The Huntsman

Kristen Stewart has again opted for the ice like complexion in her new film Snow White and the Huntsman.

I'm not a huge Stewart fan but I am hugely excited for this film. I can't to see one of my favourtie Disney films transformed in to an epic action adventure.

It hits UK cinema's Today! Too bad I have to wait for my other half to be back in the country before I can see it! *sad face*

Are you as excited about this movie as me?! 

MUA Lipstick - A Review

It's always a pleasant surprise when and Uber-cheap product actually turns out to be good! That's Exactly the case with the MUA range at Superdrug. I have a couple of their products; a blush, eyeshadow and a lipstick. And all priced at £1 a piece. Bargin!

I was most impressed by the lipstick I picked up. I have Shade 11 and I'm in love. The shade is a terra-cotta colour with a touch of pink undertone. I find this such an easy shade to wear everyday, as it really warms up my complexion. It's a very glamorous colour that's bold without being over the top!

 The lipstick has awesome pigmentation and leaves a rich lovely glossy sheen on the lips when applied. However I did notice that even though the colour has great staying power, the glossiness fades quickly and leaves matte look.

My lipstick also seemed to have a waxy film over the tip of the product on first application. However this just flaked off and I had no further problems. Is this normal for MUA lipsticks?

Overall I was really impressed.  MUA have a lovely range of shades to choose from I might have to splurge the £1 and get another.

Well done MUA you've proved; Beauty doesn't have to break the bank!

Have you tried any MUA products? What do you make of them?


The summer is finally here in England! And I couldn't be happier, rocking my shorts and flip-flops to the max, as who knows how long this weather will actually last. 

Here's a cheeky snap I posted on Instagram the other day whilst lapping up some rays before work. 

To go with this sunshine, here's what I've been sporting on my fingers this week; Boots No.7 - Me! Me! Me! A gorgeous barbie pink that's perfect for the summer sun. And only £2 when using one of those lovely £5 No.7 vouchers in Boots. 

Hope you've all had a stella weekend enjoying all this sunshine :)

What are you rocking on your nails this week?

Love ClaireRebecca.x
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MAC - The Odd couple: A Review

 I picked up this little beaut at The makeup store at Bicester Village a few months ago. Whereas it's probably not everyone's cup of tea, I fell in love and had to snatch it up. 
As the name suggests, the two colours combied in this MAC Mineralized eye shadow, aren't exactly an expected combination. The duo shadow consists of a gorgeous solid Purple colour and a bronzed/golden swirled with lavander and purple tones. Both colours are are extremely pigmented and blend out with ease.

The solid purple colour has blue under tones which again complement my blue eyes. I can't say I've used this much as a shadow, bright all-over-lid colours aren't really my things. However, I have used this colour (you might tell from the picture) as a caked eye-liner. I simply love wetting an eye-linner brush with water ( I use a Sigma E65 ) and pack on the colour lining my top lashes. 

The swirled shadow, when blended together makes a gorgeous bronzed/golden/copper ( however you want to describe it) colour, ram-packed with shimmer. This is fast becoming my favourite shadow! I use this colour in my crease most days, its not too dar so it doesn't look over the top, but the purple/blue under-tones really make my blue eyes pop!

This duo is also hand for creating a smokey eye with a bit of a twist. Try running the bronze shadow through the crease and packing the purple in the outer corner, creating a very dramatic look, which Is a refreshing slant on the traditional smokey eye. 

The odd couple was part of the Electroflash collection, but still available in stores. This duo may be an unexpected choice, but I think vibrant mix of colours make this a fun duo to have in your collection. I can tell you now, when I hit pan, I will definitely repurchase! 

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Toni&Guy Cleanse and Nourish: A Review

As you can probably tell, I'm a sucker for a good offer. Store's lure me in with their gorgeous products and steal my money before I've even realized what's happened. Day light robbery, I think.

However, I've been looking for some hair products that will revive my damaged hair. The abuse that my hair has recieved over the years, its not suprising that it's waving a little white flag and giving up. I've coloured my hair no end of times, since that age of 14, I've been a brunette, a red head, and signature 'emo' black hair, that most of us sported in 2005.
At 16 I made up my mind, and have been bleaching it ever since. So you can see why my hair is calling SOS. *sad face*
I've tried so many treatments, and drugstore shampoos/conditioners, which only gave me short term results and after a few washes my hair returned to the same mess as before.

So when I saw Boot's was having a 2 for £8 on selected higher end hair products, I couldn't resist. I decided on Toni&Guy's Cleans and Nourish range for Damaged hair. 
Not only does this product smells incredible, (just like the T&G salons) it's also worked wonders for my hair. 
I used the product over a week period, and after every wash my hair was smoother, softer, and much more healthy looking, than the previous wash! My matted ends we're tamed, the length was much more manageable ,and felt great!
I was very happy with this product, however I don't think it'll be a regular purchase, as without an offer, the price tag is a little too much for my student pocket.

Have you tired and T&G products, how did you find them?


FHM's Sexiesy women 2012

Earlier this month saw the release of FMH's constantly anticipated 100 Sexiest women in the world 2012. This year singer/actress Tulisa Contostavlos took the crown at the No.1 spot! Followed by our lovely Cheryl Cole and Rihanna. Personally I would have bumped Rihanna up to the No.1 spot. What I would do for pins like that :p

Now, this always causes some controversy, and in many ways I agree with the feminists who will all be up in arms, yet again, about exploitation of the female form.  Blah Blah Blah.

But come on girls, aren't we just as bad? ;)


Who can resist a discount?

Yesterday I wondered past Debenhams, and saw that the MAC concession had a 10% off event. So of course I couldn't resist. For a while now I've wanted to create an essential everyday neutrals pallette that I could easily take with me when I travel, rather than taking each one individually. So what better time to start!  I only picked up two as I want to start, as I couldn't decide on the other two colours I wanted. 

 I chose and all over lid colour; Naked Lunch. This is a shadow I'm sure you're all familiar with, but its a muted pink/mauve colour with fine shimmer throughout. 
An easy choice for an everyday, natural look.

I also chose a highlight colour; Vanilla.  Initially I had my heart set on Nylon, as recommended recently by my favourite YouTube-ers. But after talking to a lovely sales assistant ( I think she's the only nice MAC employee in the Oxford store ) she pointed out that Nylon is very reflective, so can look a bit fake, and over powering for an everyday natural highlight. 
So I went with Vanilla, a peachy-tonned Ivory with a sprinkle of tiny silvery shimmers throughout. 

I've not had chance to play with these new colours yet, but over the next few weeks and let you know how I get on. Hopefully I can complete my palette, with some richer tones for the crease and outer corner.  I'm thinking of Wood-winked for a crease colour? 

What do you think I should complete my palette with? 


Fifty Shades :)

Everyone and their dog have their nose buried in this triology at the moment, and I don't blame them! I devoured this yummy piece of young adult literature, almost as quickly as I finished The Hunger Games - and that's quick! 

This is not typical romance novel, no sir. This is a romance at its darkest and most raunchiest, Indeed 'Fifty Shades of Fucked up.' Instantly the main character, Anastasia, is relatable, she either just like you, just like your sister or just like your best friend. And Mr (sorry, I mean, Sir) Christian Grey is the man you've always dreamt of. But would you put up with rather 'domineering' sexual tendencies?

This books will see you laughing your head off and at points a little hot-under-the-collar, if you get me ;)
But overall, I promise you wont be disappointed! 

I can't wait to get started on the next installation! 

Rimmel Sunshimmer - A review.

I'm a newbie to the tanning scene, which is rather shocking I know, as I am unbearable pale/anemic-looking all year round! Until now my fear of streaks and the 'Snooki Orange' look has limited me to a gradual tanner, and the single spray tan I had before my 6th Form ball. Even then, I requested the lightest colour possible, and cut the advised 'development' time short and jumped in the shower after only 4 hours rather than 8!

Don't get me wrong, I love the way a tan looks. I long for that healthy sun-kissed glow that most of us desire. Alas, This english rose complexion means that when I sun bathe, I just burn.

But It was time to man-up and try something new, So on a whim before a girls night out I grabbed Rimmel London's SunShimmer Instant tan - in colour medium Matte.

The packaging is nothing exciting, the standard bronzed looking bottle, but it's squeezy which makes dispensing easy as pie. My fist impression of the actual product was pure horror. I liken the colour to that of marmite, but I'm guessing this is normal? 
The consitancy is of a really light gel, which is non-greasy and applies to the skin easily. I recommened working fast with this product and ensure it's well rubbed over the skin to avoid streaks and patches. I employed the services of my girl friend to help me spot uneaven patches! 

Over all I did like this product, but I didnt love it. The colour is undoublably amazing and gave me that just-off-the-beach glow with a bundle of confidence to go with it. The product does indeed last 24hours, but only if you're careful not to get your skin wet, otherwise welcome ghastly streaks. I wouldnt advise this product if you are prone to throwing drinks over yourself on a night out, (which is often my situation) , despite the promise of waster resistance. 

Also another tid-bit of advice, after application pure water WILL NOT get it off your hands.  I used a Vanish stick, Worked a treat ;) 

So, feeling a little more confident with tanners now, any recommendations for what to try next?

                  ClaireRebecca <3


Quick Little outfit of the day; this is what I wore to work today.

Everything is from Crew Clothing  as thats where I work, obvi. 
(Except the top - which is H&M but shhhh)

Ballater Crops - Ice Pink
Scattered Bird Scarf
& Layla sandals :)

Hope you like it. 
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Nail polish collection.

I must change my nail polish at least 3times a week. I have seriously week and flakey nails, that chip as soon as the polish is dry pretty much and I'm someone who can't stand untidy nails! Compared to lots of beauty bloggers my collection is tiny. But I like to think of it as humble :)

Here's swatches of all the polishes in my collection. I wont list every single colour and brand as that would take forever. But I've shared some favourites below.x


 17 Lasting fix - Mint Choc Chip.                 Essie - Tart Deco 
An Old favourite from last summer.          New Addition to my collection.

OPI - Excuse Moi.
From the muppet's collection released last Christmas, It was a favourite then & it's a favourite now :)
 OPI -Magic
Another old favourite.

One of my first Blog posts was about these OPI beauties; View the post here.

Topshop - Poison Ivy
An unexpectedly gorgeous shade of green with a lush array of sparkle. :)

Mini Makeup Haul

It's finally summer! Exams have been written and assignments have been submitted, I have survived 2nd year (just)! I've never mentioned my degree really on here, but for those curious cats among you, I'm sitting Biomedical Sciences at the wonder Oxford Brookes (Sarcasm). So in light of all the celebrations, I thought a cheeky like make up binge was more than justified to reward all my hard work!

First stop was boots, where I indulged in my first essie nail polish. Recently I've been really drawn to the brights and neon trend, so I when I saw this, I had to have it.
74 - Tart Deco is a gorgeous coral/orange bright polish which goes on like a dream. Two coats are you're good to go.

I also picked up another Revlon butter in Strawberry short cake. I know these are old news now, but I'm still in love with this product. And it was on sale :)

Superdrug was my next target, where I was seduced by their 3for2 offer once again. I picked up my first Barry M lip-paint in 147 - Peachy pink. I can honestly say I have nothing like this in my collection, as honestly its not something I'd usually have the gut to try out. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised.
The colour is a virant coral/orange, much along the same tone as the nail polish. Application is matte, oh-so smooth, and has steel staying power!

I then picked up a Sleek blush 922 - Life's a peach. Are you noticing a trend? The most scariest colour in the palet, once again I own nothing like this! However once blended on the cheeks gives a gorgeous summery feel to your face. But I probably wont pair it with the lip-paint - TOO MUCH ORANGE!

 Finally, I replaced my Collection 2000 Lasting perfection, Ultimate wear concealer in shade 1-fair. An old favourite, nothing works better to cover up my dark circles and acne :)

Oh La La

A quick little revision distraction. I spotted these babies whilst in the queue at Primark a while back. For only £1 a pop I grabbed a couple of different designs. The set comes with 24 multi-sized nails and a little pot of nail glue. 

For £1, not bad eh?
I want more! <3

Daily Skin-care Routine

Having perfect skin throughout Highschool , I hit 20 and BOOM! Hello Acne. Finding the right skin care combo has been year long mission, but I'm finally there!  And I'm so happy. I cant explain how good it feels to finally have a clear complexion. 

So here it is;

Good Morning.
1. I wash the night-time off my face with Clinquie's Mild liquid facial soap. The one I'm using is a sample but, full size retails at; £14 
2. Biore - Pore unclogging scrub (£4.99) tackels my pores, using salicylic acid to open them all up ready for;
3. Lush's CoalFace Solid cleanser. My holy grail for clearing up those nasty spots. (£4.50/200g) It smells devine too!
4. Either Simple - Clear skin Oli balancing moisturizer (£4.30) or Witch tinted moisturise - 01 light (£5.99).

Before bed.
1. Remove my face with Simple - kind to skin facial cleansing wipes.(£3.20)
2. A Second dose of Biore pore unclogging scrub to remove the make up build up in my pores
3. Once again my favorite step - Lush CoalFace cleanser
4.Finally Simple kind to skin 12hour hydrating moisturizer (£3.90).

And for a special treat to my skin;
* Lush's- Cosmetic Warrior fresh face mask.(£5.75) 

Note- I use a Clarisonic with my facial cleanser, twice a day :)

Let me know If you want a individual review on a specific product! But together these work miracles for me!