My love for Lashes.

Those of you who follow my Instagram, may have seen a sneak peak at my new eBay purchase. I cannot explain how excited I was about the arival of theres babies - I had to try them out right away!

I haven't always been a lash-fan, everytime I would attempt to put them on, I would end up gluing them to my fingers instead. After a little more practise, it's safe to say I'm addicted! The upkeep of everyday wear however can be expensive, so I set out on a search for a solution. As always eBay came up trumps!

This gorgeous pack of 10 sets was a mere £2.09 with free P&P. What a baragain! There was a huge style selcection, so I went for style 003 a  fairly natural criss-crossy look - as I feel they give the most volume!

Although cheap, I'm very impressed! The lashes require a quick trim of the edges once removed from the packaging. I then use Elyre's Strip Lash adhesive to apply. The instant Zing of full, thick lashes is a true gift and I cannot get enough!

Each last has between 4-7 days wear in them, depending on how you care for them. The one thing I'm not 100% keen on is the solid black strip - its fine for days I'm wearing black eye-liner, but looks a bit odd without it. Which limits the wear, most drug store lashes have a clear strip which I find more versitile.
But seeing as I wear black eyeliner alomost EVERY day, Its not a huge a problem!
Overall a gorgeous product - arrived pretty quick too! :)

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