Kiko. Make up Milano.

A couple of months ago I jumped on a plane and headed to Turin Italy to visit Lauren, good friend from High School, who is studying there. Obviously, I was unexplainably excited to see my friend for a 3day girlie marathon of drinking delicious Italian Coffee, gazing upon the sights of Turin and Milano and of course, Shopping!
Out of all the people I know, this girl takes the crown when it comes to shopping, particularly shoes, bags and dresses! However much I adore those items myself, I couldn't wait to get my hands on some Italian Make up.

In the capable hands of Lauren I was directed to KIKO a brand I'd never really heard much about, but I was instantly captivated. I would compare their store and it's range of products much to the brand Inglot. But at a slightly reduced rate. 
Although seduced by the gorgeous display of colours and amazing special offers; and visiting both the Turin store and the store in Milan, I ended up leaving with only 4 products. 

I picked up two lipsticks; My favourite being 'Smart Lipstick' - colour 96 Pink. How a lipstick can be 'smart' I'm still unsure, but Personally I think this colour is far from Pink, leaning more to a brown/peach based nude colour. For me, this is the best Nude lipsticks I own. Application smooth and even and has a matte finish. Combined an awesome colour pay off, and great staying power, I'm going to have to order a back up!
 I believe I paid under €5 for this lipstick, what a bargin! 

The next lipstick I spotted was 'shiny pearl lipstick' - colour 191 watermelon pink. Again I feel this colour description is wrong, the shade is would describe as more of a bubble-gum pink which contains a gorgeous array of tiny shimmer particles. Application is again very smooth, giving more of a sheer deposit of colour on the lips. The only down side of this product is it doesn't last long on the lips. However, I think this shade is a perfect pop of colour for the Summer! 

Another bargin at under €5! 

The next item I picked up was an 'Smart Eye pencil' - 100 Black Smoke. Black smoke is a gorgeous dark grey colour with a lovely creamy texture. Looks great and stays put when I've used it as an upper lid liner! But unfortunately does smudge a little when used in the water line.

Finally, I chose a nail polish, as I had forgotten to pack one in my suitcase. 'Nail Laquer' - 346 Olive drab isn't really a colour I would normally go for. But as there was still and Autumnal feeling in the air, I was drawn to try something new. My nails chip whatever I do to them, so I was not surprised when it didn't last long on my nails. The consistency is a little thin for my liking, requiring around 3 coats to gain full opaqueness.
Overall, I really loved what Kiko had to offer, and the products I picked up were awesome bargins as well as good quality products! I highly recomomend checking them out, as I will certainly be making an order with them soon! 
If you head over to the Kiko website there's free delivery on all purchases for up to 15days after registration!! (with the small catch of a £25 minimum spend). 

I was also thrilled to hear they now have stores open in Westfield! WIN!

Photos Top to bottom; Smart Lipstick - 96 Pink. Shiny Pearl Lipstick - 191 Watermelon pink. Swatches or Lipsticks. Eye Pencil - Black Smoke. Nail Laquer - 346 Olive Drab. Snap of me and Lauren in Life Night Club - Turin.