After watching Blair Fowler's Video on Clearasil's perfectawash I headed right to boots, once I heard the product had been released in the UK. If you go watch the video, Blair describes automated dispenser system, to treat acne prone skin, but when I found the perfectawash system in boots at priced at £12.99 I was turned off. Although not extremely over priced, I figured it was too much to spend on a product which will probably be a novelty to start with, but get old very quickly! 

So whilst in the skin care isle, I decided I couldn't leave boots empty handed (Who can do that?!) I spotted Clean & Clear: Morning energy - Skin Brightening daily facial scrub. This product promises to gently exfoliate, remove dirt and leaving the skin visibly brighter. Priced at £3.99 I decided to give it a go. 

The gel formation lathers up really nicely and contains a host of gold shimmery flecks, which I assume is the part that provides the 'brightening' effect. Along with a bunch of exfoliating beads, which burst on the skin. Which I found a bit too rough for use of my face.

Overall I was very disappointed with this product. Not only did it fall short of it's claims for brightening the skin, It also dried my face horrendously! Which obviously didn't help treat my acne, and made me break out more! 

Not to be a complete debbie downer, there are a couple of good points about the product; It smells incredible, very fresh and fruity. It also for fills the morning energy claim, and left my face feeling clean, fresh and awake! And it's Oil free! 
My Roommate however, loves the stuff. She uses the 'Skin energising' scrub and it works wonders for her. So I guess it's just personal preference. 

Blair (Juicystar07)'s video;